How to Secure a Tax Lien Removal In Las Vegas

Remove My Lien How to Secure a Tax Lien Removal In Las Vegas

How to Request Tax Lien Removal in Las Vegas, Nevada

A  can be crippling. Learn how to remove a tax lien using DoNotPay. When a tax lien has been levied against you, there are several ways that it will affect you. First of all, your credit score will take a hit and you may not be able to get credit when you need it the most.

A tax lien can be attached to every single one of your assets, including your home, your car, your securities, as well as any future assets you may acquire. If you own your own business, a lien can attach itself to your business property and all rights to that property, which can include your accounts receivable. Trying to file for bankruptcy might not make it go away either. Your tax debt and a lien can continue to follow you after your bankruptcy is over and done.

Your best way around a tax lien is to avoid getting one in the first place. This can only be accomplished by paying your taxes on time. When the letters first begin to come, you cannot ignore them. In most cases, a simple phone call can help you work out a payment plan so that your account doesn't get to the point where a lien is filed against you.

We all have circumstances that come into our lives that cannot be controlled, and there are times you really can't pay that federal or property tax bill on time. It is during those times that you might need to ask for help, and DoNotPay is standing by with solutions to the problem.

What Is a Nevada State Tax Lien?

The most common lien in Las Vegas is a property tax lien. A tax lien occurs when you fail to pay your property tax to the state of Nevada. After a certain amount of time, the state will take steps to collect the money you owe them.

Ultimately, if they are unable to collect this money, they can place a legal claim against any property that you own. What this means is that the government then owes a portion of that property equal to the amount that you owe. Should you decide to sell or refinance that property, the government will take their money from the sale, or in the case of a refinance, the lien will be paid out of the money you borrow for your new mortgage.

How to Find Out if I Have a Tax Lien in Las Vegas, Nevada

Unsure whether you have a tax lien in Las Vegas, Nevada? You can find out if you have a tax lien levied against you in Las Vegas, Nevada by taking the following steps:

What Does It Take to Remove a Tax Lien in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Tax liens are not always easy to remove when you live in Las Vegas, Nevada. To remove a tax lien in Las Vegas, Nevada, you will need to:

  1. Perform a search with the Clark County Clerk and Recorder site using the instructions in the previous section.
  2. Review the results from your search.
  3. Discover the agency that placed a tax lien on your Las Vegas property.
  4. If the source of your lien was the IRS, you can contact them at
  5. Once you are at the IRS site, you can order transcripts of past tax returns, whether you filed them or the IRS filed for you.
  6. If the IRS filed for you, follow the instructions for amending a past tax return.
  7. If they show that you never filed a return for a certain year and they did not file on your behalf, access the tax return forms you need for the years in question.
  8. Complete the tax return and return it to the IRS along with a payment for any monies that you may owe or make payment arrangements for the total amount owed to the IRS for one year or multiple years.
  9. Find out if you qualify for the IRS fresh start program which can help you with past amounts due and help you start fresh with a clean slate.
  10. If your tax lien is due to property taxes that you owe to the State of Nevada, go to the Clark County Treasurer site.
  11. Find out the amount past due and pay your bill in one payment or make payment arrangements and make sure you pay the payments on time.
  12. Once your payments are caught up, request a lien release form.

You can contact and fill out the IRS form here:

IRS Form 12277Fill Out Form
IRS Phone Assistance866-699-4096
Understand Tax LienFederal tax Lien Info

How to Remove a Tax Lien in Las Vegas, Nevada With DoNotPay

If you are having trouble  on your Las Vegas, Nevada property, let DoNotPay help you out. If you have had trouble removing a tax lien and want DoNotPay to help, follow these simple steps:

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  2. Start our Remove My Lien product.


  3. Answer some questions about your specific lien and let us help you craft a letter to your creditor to resolve the issue.



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