Tarrant County Property Tax Exemption Program

Everything You Need To Know About the Tarrant County Property Tax Exemption

Tarrant County holds first place in the number of property tax accounts in Texas. If you are the owner of one of those accounts, you should know that there are ways to lower your taxes.

In this article, you will get various tips on how to lower your property tax bills and insight into the Tarrant County property tax exemptions.

What Is Property Tax?

Compared to renting, owning a property will save you a lot of money summed up, but owning comes with other expenses. If you own a property, you are obligated to pay property taxes.

Local governments are in charge of collecting the property tax money. Property tax rates can vary from one state to another, and even within a state—they can differ across counties.

According to Forbes, the state with the highest property tax in 2019 was Illinois, with a tax rate of 2.22%. Hawai was the state with the lowest property tax rate—only 0.36%.

Where Does Property Tax Money Go To?

Local governments collect a huge amount of money from property taxes every year. If you own a property and pay your taxes, you probably wonder where all of your money is going.

Money from property taxes is usually used for funding local and federal governments. The revenue is, in most cases, intended for financing:

  • Roads
  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Hospitals
  • Transportation
  • Fire departments
  • Police departments
  • Parks and recreation department

How Is Property Tax Calculated in Texas?

The Texas government recalculates property taxes every year after every county’s appraisers have evaluated all the property there.

Property taxes are calculated based on the total property value and total revenue need. The tax assessor will show up at your property or use specialized software to perform a property tax assessment.

Texas imposes property taxes as the percentage of each property’s estimated value. The property tax rate in Tarrant County is 2.10%—if your home value is $100,000, that means you will have to pay $2,100 in annual property taxes.

How To Lower Your Property Tax Bill

If you don’t agree with the tax bill you have to pay, there are ways to lower the final amount. You should consider the following options:

  • Don’t do any repairs or renovations before the assessment
  • Accompany the assessor during the property evaluation and make sure they are doing it properly
  • Search for possible mistakes or inaccuracies in your tax bill
  • Find out if you qualify for any tax exemptions
  • Submit a property tax appeal

What Types of Tarrant County Property Tax Exemptions Are There?

As any county in Texas, Tarrant County offers partial and total tax exemptions, depending on the owner’s qualification. In most circumstances, property tax exemptions require homeowners to apply on their own.

Tarrant County offers several types of property tax exemptions for eligible property owners. You can learn more about them from a brief overview in the table below:

Type of Property Tax ExemptionExplanation

Residence Homestead Exemption

  • The owner must have an ownership interest in the property
  • They must use the property as their primary residence

Inherited Residence Exemption

  • At least one heir must claim the property as their residence homestead
  • The property was acquired by will, intestacy, or transfer of death deed

Age 65 or Older Exemption

  • The owner must be 65 years old or older and live in the house
  • If the older spouse dies, the surviving spouse must be at least 55 years old, live in the home, and apply for the exemption

Disabled Persons Exemption

  • A disabled person has to qualify for receiving insurance benefits under the Federal Old-Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance Act to qualify for the disabled persons exemption

Veterans Exemption

  • A disabled veteran or family of a deceased veteran receive a partial tax exemption for any property the veteran owns/owned

Solar and Wind-Powered Energy Device Exemption

  • Property with a solar or wind-powered device that stores, converts, or distributes said energy can qualify and be exempt from property taxes

Charitable Organizations and Businesses

  • Properties owned by qualified charitable organizations and businesses can be exempt from property taxes

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Use DoNotPay To Send Property Tax Appeals

Meeting the requirements doesn’t automatically exempt you from paying property taxes. The government can deny your application. If none of the other tips for lowering taxes work, you should consider filing an appeal. Here’s how to learn more about the process:

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  2. Find the Reduce Property Tax service
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