How to Save on Your Tablet Repairs

Quote My Repair How to Save on Your Tablet Repairs

How to Save on Your Tablet Repairs

Pun aside, your tablet screen is probably not shot. Just don't try the toothpaste fix. It only temporarily hides small scratches and superficial tiny cracks. But it may leave your tablet screen with a clean, minty scent. You're better off getting quotes from tablet repair shops, but how do you know if you are getting a good deal or getting ripped off?

Before you even try to get your tablet screen repaired, you might want to check to see if you have a warranty. Ninety-day warranties are pretty standard, no matter if the product you're trying to get fixed is a joy-con, appliance, or a broken windshield. Be aware that some warranties vary depending on the name brand of your tablet. For instance, devices running Apple programs will be different from Samsung tablets.

You'll want to see if you still have the receipt for your tablet. Sometimes they are asked for, along with any warranty information. If you don't have either, be prepared to work a bit for your best price. DoNotPay can help you sort through the quotes so you can see your best deal for your tablet repair.

Is My Tablet Still Under Warranty?

Three-month manufacturer warranties are usually free with the purchase or the cost is negligible. But extended warranties are overpriced, says financial guru, Dave Ramsey, who recommends shunning them completely.

  • Manufacturer warranties may last longer than the typical 90 days but usually covers only defective parts.
  • Extended warranties usually cover mechanical and electrical parts not covered under the manufacturer warranty.

Warranties may overlap, but the extended warranties usually kick in after the manufacturer's warranty expires. Many times, consumers will opt to repair their own tablets by watching videos online. Repairing your tablet yourself may void your warranty, so beware.

How Much Will the Typical Repair Shop Charge for Tablet Repair?

Price ranges depend on what kind of warranty you have or don't have, whether the tablet repair is just a screen repair or if you are fixing the LED as well. Pricing also can fluctuate depending on if you are returning your tablet to the original parts' manufacturer for the fix, or some third-party vendor. Regardless, you should always expect that your tablet repair will make it like new again with all your files, photos, everything intact, in the cloud or not. You'd expect expert service for an iPhone screen repair, right?

Expect the cost of fixing your tablet to include:

  1. Any shipping fees to the manufacturer
  2. Parts
  3. Labor
  4. Quality inspection
  5. Incidental service fees

Always get a quote for your tablet repair, even if you are still under warranty. You will want to make sure that any third-party vendor is an authorized service provider. Ask if they repair in-house or ship repairs out, and to whom: is it a vendor of their choosing or back to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM)? Often you will be able to go online and request a repair after answering a slew of questions about your tablet.

Original Equipment Manufacturer Tablet Repair

The repair process and timeline is relatively straightforward. Contact the manufacturer and tell them what the problem is, ship your tablet to them and play the waiting game. Today's materials and trucking logistics emanating from the pandemic may also add to the repair, shipping, and receiving timeframe. Expect delays; and if your tablet's on time, consider it icing on the cake.

Third-Party Vendor Tablet Repair

When you take your tablet to a third-party vendor for repair, you may or may not get OEM parts. Some authorized tablet repair shops will specialize in certain tablet brands and certain operating systems. They will often repair in-house, but just as often send your tablet out to another vendor who will either repair your tablet or provide you with a refurbished tablet if yours is unrepairable.

It is up to you to ask the right questions about how your tablet will be repaired, its cost, what you'll pay if you are no longer under warranty, where your tablet will be repaired, and how long it will take. Third-party vendors are often less expensive, have good availability for appointments, and often can get your repairs accomplished faster than the OEM can.

Check out these Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft out-of-warranty service fees for selected tablets:

DeviceService Fee
Apple iPad Air$249$299$624
Samsung Galaxy Tab$179


$249$269 (Plus)
Microsoft Surface$249 (Go)$450

(Pro 7 Plus)


(Pro 8)

You can purchase AppleCare+ and pay just $49 for any accidental damage repairs, but understand that it isn't part of the Apple basic and extended tablet warranties.

Samsung Direct service fees vary widely, even if you are under warranty. One perk, though, is that they can come to you to repair your tablet at select U.S. locations.

Microsoft offers basic and extended warranties for their tablets; but if your warranty is expired, the service fees tend to be expensive.

DoNotPay Can Help You Find Affordable Tablet Repair

Saving on expensive repair fees, whether on devices or appliances, is easy with DoNotPay's quote service. Just follow these three steps to find competitive rates in your area:

  1. Search for Quote My Repair on DoNotPay. 
  2. Enter the details of the repair you need. 
  3. Let DoNotPay find competitive rates for that repair in your area and any relevant information to keep you from being overcharged. 

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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