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Contact the Swiss Consulate, San Francisco

Whether you are a Swiss citizen living in San Francisco and wanting to get in touch with your consulate or a US citizen wishing to fly to Switzerland, the Swiss Consulate in San Francisco can answer your questions and provide help. However, we know that it can be time-consuming to go to the consulate physically just to ask a question.

This article will provide you with all the information you need to know about the Swiss Consulate in San Francisco, how you can get in touch with them, what issues they can help you with, and how you can choose to contact them easily with DoNotPay!

Where is the Swiss Consulate in San Francisco Located?

The Swiss Consulate in San Francisco is located in the Embarcadero area, very close to the Ferry Building. The exact location of the consulate is as follows:

Pier 17, Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94111, USA

Since the Swiss Consulate is conveniently located in between the North Beach and Embarcadero area, there are many options if you would like to take public transportation to get to the consulate: 

  1. Bus: 27, 38, 38R, 5, F, J, KBUS, NBUS
  2. Train: Limited A.
  3. BART: BL, RD, YL.

The Contact Information of the Consulate General of Switzerland in San Francisco

Address Pier 17, Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94111, USA
  • Headquarters: +1 415 788 22 72
  • Telephone Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
  • Headquarters: +1 415 788 14 02
Office Hours Monday to Friday (by appointment only)

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Website Swiss Consulate, San Francisco
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The Matters the Swiss Consulate in San Francisco Can Help You with

Attestations and Certificates
  • Attestations
  • Confirmation of Nationality and Registration in the Register of the Swiss Abroad
  • Attestation of Residence Abroad
  • Certificate of Civil Rights Capacity
  • Tax-free for Tourists
  • Simplified Naturalization of the Spouse of a Swiss Citizen
  • Reinstatement of Citizenship After Forfeiture, Relief, or Loss of a Citizenship
  • Simplified Naturalization of a Foreign Child Born of the Marriage with a Foreign National and whose Mother Had Swiss Citizenship Before or When They Were Born
  • Simplified Naturalization of a Foreign Child Born Before 1 January 2006 of a Swiss Father Who Is Not Married to the Mother
  • Relief of Swiss Citizenship
  • Dual Citizenship
Civil Status Affairs
  • Marriage and Registered Partnership
  • Birth
  • Adoption
  • Divorce
  • Death
  • Change of Name
  • Ordering Civil Status Documents
Criminal Records
  • You will find the information on how to obtain criminal records extract on the website of the Federal Office of Justice.
Driver License and Vehicles
  • Notification of Moving Abroad to the Road Traffic Office
  • Exchanging a Swiss Driving Licence
  • Translation of a Swiss Driving Licence in the form of a Certificate
  • Loss of Swiss Driving Licence - Residence Abroad
  • Registration of the Swiss Abroad
  • Driving in Switzerland on a Foreign Licence
  • Import and Export of a Vehicle
  • Driving on a Swiss Licence While Holidaying Abroad
  • Loss of Swiss Driving Licence While Holidaying Abroad
Emergency Assistance
  • Legalization of Official Seals and Signatures
  • Legalization of Private Signatures
  • Fees and Various Costs
Liechtenstein Consular Services In the countries, in which Liechtenstein does not have any representation, the citizens of Liechtenstein can use the Swiss representation for all consular questions
Lost and Found
  • Lost Identity Documents
  • Lost Personal Belongings
  • If your lost item is found, handed to the police, they hand it to the Swiss Consulate if they know that it belongs to a Swiss citizen
Passport and Identity Card
  • Applying for an Identity Document
  • Loss or Theft
  • Temporary Passport
  • Fees
  • Traveling with a Swiss Passport
Political & Voting Rights Learn more here.
Registration, Deregistration, Change of Address
  • Registration
  • Change of Address Abroad
  • Returning to Switzerland
  • Useful Documents & Links
Relocating Abroad and Returning Advice
  • Advice on Emigrating from Switzerland
  • Advice on Returning to Switzerland
Scholarships Learn more here.
  • School Visits to the Embassy
  • Free Materials about Switzerland
  • Teaching Materials
Social Insurance
  • Old-Age and Invalidity Insurance
  • Health and Accident Insurance
  • Soliswiss
Traveling Abroad
  • Online Registration
  • Travel Admin Application

How to Contact the Swiss Consulate in San Francisco with DoNotPay?

As you can see above, the Swiss Consulate San Francisco can help you with a lot of matters. However, since there are various matters to help with, you might not be sure which email to write to for your concern or even what to write. DoNotPay can take the burden off your shoulders! All you need to do is:

1. Search for “Contact Embassy or Consulate” on the DoNotPay.


2. Choose to contact a foreign embassy in the US.


3. Briefly describe your problem and any questions you have.


4. Write the country of the embassy or consulate you want to get in touch with.

Done! Now, DoNotPay will write a customized email specific to your issue, send it to the right email address on your behalf and even direct the response of the consulate to your email address! 

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