Who is Suing Donald Trump?

Who is Suing Donald Trump?

WashingtonPost covers DNP allowing people to sue companies

Former President Donald Trump is no stranger to criminal and civil lawsuits. But the question is, how long will he remain elusive to legal liabilities and accountabilities? Over the years, there have been several persons, entities, and government agencies suing Trump. Whether they have made a dent on the former president’s reputation and finance, however, remains to be seen.

In this article, we will go through the notable civil and criminal cases that the former president has been involved in. In addition, we will discuss the steps of suing anyone with !

Lawsuits Involving Former President Donald Trump

Trump was involved in a variety of lawsuits even before he became the president. While in office, there were civil actions that looked into allegations of overthrowing the 2020 elections. For example, the table below shows the most notable lawsuits that involved former President Donald Trump:

Trump as the DefendantTrump as the Plaintiff
CNN v. Trump – Correspondent Jim Acosta sued Trump for revoking the former’s press pass, which violates the First Amendment’s right to freedom of the press Trump et al. v. Mazars et al. – Trump wants his financial information to remain private
Stone v. Trump – A lawsuit filed on behalf of Brock Stone against Trump’s alleged ban on transgenders from joining the US militaryTrump v. New York – A lawsuit that was centered on the validity of the memo issued by Trump to exclude illegal immigrants from the Census
TikTok v. Trump – TikTok challenged Trump’s Executive Order that bans the app
Katie Johnson v. Donald J Trump and Jeffrey E Epstein – A lawsuit that alleges Trump and Epstein sexually and physically abusing then 13-year-old Johnson
Cintron v. Trump Organization – An employee sues the organization for not paying him for "thousands of hours of overtime"

Suing Trump Over the Capitol Riot

Most notably, capitol Police officers James Blassingame and Sidney Hemby are suing Trump for physical and emotional injuries. According to the lawsuit, they alleged Donald Trump “inflamed, encouraged, incited, directed, and aided and abetted” the 2021 storming of the United States Capitol. Here are five things that we know so far:

  1. The two Capitol Police officers filed the complaint at the Federal District Court of Columbia for financial damages of over $75,000 and additional punitive damages.
  2. This is the first lawsuit to be filed by an officer of the Capitol Police against a president of the United States.
  3. The lawsuit mentioned Trump’s speech on Jan 6, 2021, and other behaviors, especially his failure to “take timely action to stop his followers from continued violence.”
  4. Officer Hemby continues to receive physical therapy for neck and back injuries and “has struggled to manage the emotional fallout from being relentlessly attacked.”
  5. Officer Blasingame experiences back pain, depression, and insomnia.

Suing Trump for Emotional Distress

Former President Donald Trump is known for his racist remarks. Unfortunately, these remarks have prompted the Chinese American Civil Rights Coalition to sue Trump for defamation and causing emotional distress among Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI). For example, some of the allegations include:

  • The lawsuit cites the former president’s racially charged monikers to describe COVID-19 such as the "Chinese Virus," "China Virus," "Wuhan Flu," and "Kung Flu."
  • Civil rights coalition has alleged Trump’s defamatory racial slurs are the cause for increased assaults against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.
  • The plaintiff is seeking financial damages of approximately $22.9 million — that’s equivalent to $1 for each Asian American and Pacific Islander residing in the US.
  • The Chinese American Civil Rights Coalition is planning to use the damages to build a museum that highlights the contributions of the AAPI to the United States.

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