How to sue Comcast in small claims court

Each Comcast customer agrees to a contract that states that you cannot sue the company in any court, with the exception of small claims court. Though suing Comcast can be a long and tedious process, DoNotPay makes it easier. 

DoNotPay uses AI to help you build your claim against Comcast. This easy-to-use app for the iPhone and web browser enables you to prepare and file court forms and equips you with compelling arguments, so you know what to say in court and are better able to support your claim. All you need to do is let the app know what type of claim you are filing, who you are suing, and necessary information about yourself so DoNotPay can help you fill out your court forms. 


Suing Comcast with the help of DoNotPay

DoNotPay How To Sue Companies

To sue Comcast in small claims court using DoNotPay, follow these simple steps:

Download the free DoNotPay app for the iPhone or use your web browser.

Make sure that your issue qualifies for small claims court.

Many states limit the amount of monetary relief you can seek in small claims court between $5,000 and $10,000. Check this list to understand maximum damages in your state.

Additionally, most small claims courts only allow you to sue for legal (monetary) relief and not equitable relief, which is a judgment that compels a company to do, or not to do a specific action.

DoNotPay will generate a demand letter to send to Comcast

Fox details how DoNotPay makes it easier to fight companies by suing them in small claims court

Sending a demand letter may be required before you may file a claim against Comcast in small claims court. A demand letter may initiate a successful resolution in as many as one-third of all potential disputes, so even if it’s not required in your state – it’s still a good idea. It can save you time and court costs of filing the claim.

DoNotPay will generate a compelling demand letter to send to Comcast. 

Once the letter is ready, you can download, print, and send it to Comcast via registered mail at:

  1. Comcast
  2. 1701 JFK Boulevard 
  3. Philadelphia, PA 19103-2838

Writing a compelling demand letter on your own is not easy. DoNotPay provides the exact letter you can use to raise your chances of obtaining monetary relief. But if you’re interested in doing it on your own, you can find tips – but not a template here

DoNotPay is absolutely free, so leverage our expertise to help you make the most compelling argument possible. 

Time  Complexity
With DoNotPay Filing your claim becomes quicker with DoNotPay. All you need to do is answer a few questions, and DoNotPay does the rest.
Without DoNotPay Filing for small claims court can take hours. You have to fill out each and every form manually.


DoNotPay will fill out required small claims forms

Each state has different that must be completed depending on the state you live in, and DoNotPay will use, and fill in the correct forms for your state.  

After successfully generating the forms based on the answers you provided to DoNotPay’s easy-to-use chatbot, DoNotPay will provide you with a PDF to submit to your state’s small claims court. 

Remember that:

  • Courts will allow you to deliver your demand letter via certified mail or in person. You can find out what your court’s preferred method is on its official website. 
  • All courts in the United States need you to pay a filing fee to sue Comcast in small claims, though this fee can sometimes be waived. To learn more about waiving your filing fee, please contact your local legal aid office by searching Google for “[your city] legal aid office.”

When you file all of your court forms, the court clerk will give you a stamped copy of your forms with a court date. Store your forms in a safe place until you bring them to your hearing. 

Serving Comcast

To complete this step, you need to deliver court provided papers to Comcast informing them of your claim against them. You can deliver your copy to Comcast in person, or by registered mail. Serving Comcast via registered mail creates a paper trail that they have, in fact, received the required paperwork. Courts have firm rules about how to serve a defendant, and your claim can be dismissed if you do not follow them. This information is generally given to you when you file your claim.

Show up to your court date against Comcast

When your court’s clerk gives you a court date, you must show up on that date. So make sure you schedule it on your calendar.

DoNotPay can help prepare you to speak in court. For example, if you are suing Comcast for breach of contract, DoNotPay’s script will identify elements of your claim, and what to say if the defendant does not appear.

Sue Comcast for unreliable service

One man sued the company in small claims court and won after Comcast’s service didn’t give him a working signal, despite getting visits from Comcast technicians. In this lawsuit, the judge demanded that Comcast pay the unhappy customer $5,087. 

If you’re experiencing unreliable service, you may be entitled to file a claim in small claims court. You can take Comcast to small claims court for bad service, and if you are seeking a monetary award, you may get the amount that you are suing Comcast for. 

Sue Comcast for overcharging

Overcharging is one of the most reported issues with cable and cell phone coverage plans nationwide. 

Comcast has been known to overcharge customers again, and again, and again.

In fact, overcharging is so prolific, Minnesota State Attorney General Lori Swanson accused Comcast of charging customers more than it promised for cable television packages in civil court. The court order sought to stop the alleged deceptive business practices for unspecified amounts of restitution, civil penalties, and legal fees.

The good news is you can sue Comcast for overcharging you in small claims court. 

Sue Comcast for breach of contract

suing ATT in small claims court with an app

You can sue Comcast for breach of contract in small claims court. Most cases concerning Comcast and breach of contract are due to Comcast promising customers a certain promotion upon signing up for their service, and not awarding it post signup. One unhappy customer experienced Comcast offering a $200 gift card when they signed up for services, and not receiving the gift card even months after they had Comcast’s service.

This Reddit thread discusses how Comcast has breached the contract and how some unsatisfied customers assessed the situation.

Suing Comcast for false advertisement

Yes, you can sue Comcast for false advertisement in small claims court. If Comcast offers you a free promotion or an offer that gives you money back, and they fail to fulfill the offer, you can consider this a perfect opportunity to sue.

Remember, if you are going to accept any offer from Comcast, take a picture of the offer. If you do not receive any of the offer’s benefits, record it. If you didn’t receive money back that was promised, have bank statements ready for court. If you were offered a free month of service but still paid for it, have copies of bill statements ready during your hearing. Having a substantial amount of proof of false advertisement can give you a better chance at winning a settlement in small claims court.

For more advice on how to sue Comcast for false advertisement, Download DoNotPay’s app for the iPhone or use it in your web browser

Suing Comcast for property damage

If a Comcast employee has installed an internet, cable, or security device that caused property damage, you can take them to small claims court. Property damage lawsuits commonly result in monetary results, typically around the amount to replace what an employee or company damaged. 

Damage claims are common among the issues that occur with Comcast’s services. This Reddit thread describes a customer whose television was broken after an employee installed a router in their home.

What else can DoNotPay do?

DoNotPay has many other services that can help you with:

To Summarize:

You can sue Comcast in small claims court. You can sue DoNotPay to make suing Comcast in small claims court easier and quicker.
Suing Comcast, with the help of DoNotPay, simplifies the suing process. DoNotPay’s services can help you fill out court forms, demand letters, and more.
You can sue Comcast for unreliable service. If you signed up for a particular service, yet receive spotty service, you may be able to sue Comcast in small claims court.
You can sue Comcast for overcharging. You should only pay for what you initially signed up for on your contract.
You can sue Comcast for false advertising.  Promotions and offers from Comcast should be fulfilled. If not, you may be able to file a small claims case.
You can sue Comcast for property damage in small claims court. You must provide physical proof and the monetary amount of the damaged property for this claim.
You can sue Comcast for breach of contract in small claims court.  Some cases can win thousands in small claims.
DoNotPay can help you with other legal battles. Such as beating parking and speeding tickets. 
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