Suing A Neighbor For Noise The Easy Way

Sue Anyone in Small Claims Court Suing A Neighbor For Noise The Easy Way

Suing A Neighbor For Noise The Easy Way

Noise pollution in your neighborhood is a violation of your right to quiet enjoyment of your property. Whether it is a leaking tap, blasting music, barking dogs, or a noisy mower; if the noise is from a neighbor and all complaints have proven abortive, you should pursue legal action to defend your rights. 

This article will discuss what constitutes dangerous noise, the standard procedure for suing your neighbor, and how you can sue anyone with DoNotPay in small claims court. 

What Constitutes Dangerous Noise?

The table below outlines the levels of noise and their safety levels. It is important to note that the World Health Organization (WHO) warns long-term exposure to noise levels lower than 70 decibels has the same damaging effect on your hearing as short-term exposure to noise levels over 100 decibels. 


Sounds  Decibel (dBA) Level  Safety level
Your breathing, whispering, clock tick, functioning air condition, and the sound of your powered refrigerator. 10 – 40dBA Generally safe.
Your lawnmower, leaf blower, and the sound your dishwasher makes. 70 – 85dBA  Generally result in hearing damage in 120 minutes of exposure. 
A typical motorcycle. 90 – 95 dBA  This level of noise can damage your hearing in less than an hour.
Nightclubs, stereo, a television close to maximum volume, or constant dog barks. 105-110dBA  Hearing loss can occur in just five minutes of exposure.


Health Implications of Dangerous Noise

According to the WHO, continuous noise exposure can result in:

  • Tinnitus: This is a hearing impairment that causes continuous ringing in your ears.
  • Sleep and rest disturbance: This can lead to loss of agility, reduced mental alertness, poor productivity, and poor work performance.
  • Exacerbated mental illness: the effects of using sleeping pills to induce sleep amidst noise can result in mental issues like depression and anxiety.
  • Reduced cognitive and physical performance: this could translate to poor academic performance if you are a student in a noisy area.

How To Handle Noisy Neighbours?

Here are the steps you should take to resolve the noise problem:

  1. Speak or write to your neighbor: They might be engulfed in their noise and not realize how much damage it causes you. 
  2. Then contact your landlord: If your requests to your neighbor don’t seem to result in any changes.
  3. Seek a third-party mediator: This can be another neighbor, a respected person in the neighborhood, or your neighbor’s relative.
  4. Also, contact the homeowners association: If you feel your landlord is taking too much time, or avoiding addressing the issue altogether. They should enforce the estate laws regarding maintenance of the property on erring members
  5. Get the police involved: They could issue a ticket or help you warn your neighbor of the consequences.
  6. Sue your neighbor: This is your last resort, but you could skip down to it if you have credible reasons to believe none of the steps mentioned above will bring quick changes.

Steps To Sue Your Neighbor For Noise

A small claims court can be an excellent choice amongst other courts, for you to abate further noise disturbance and also seek damages for past occurrences. This is because you don’t need a lawyer to sue. The steps you need to follow are;

  1. Ask a professional to measure your noise pollution levels
  2. Look up the legal noise threshold for your area
  3. Gather all written and recorded evidence of complaints including police reports 
  4. Register your case in a small claims court

At the hearing, you’ll need to present your evidence and convince the judge that the noise has caused you economic or physical damages, for which you should be compensated.

How to Sue Your Neighbor For Noise With DoNotPay

Although you can save a lot of time and money in small claims court, suing for your neighbor by yourself can be a daunting process. There are countless forms to fill up, demand letters to draft, and bureaucracies to overcome. DoNotPay is here to help! The world’s first robot lawyer can streamline the filing process for you. All you have to do is:

  1. Log in to DoNotPay and select the Sue Now Product
  2. Enter the dollar amount you are owed
  3. Select whether you want a demand letter or court filing forms
  4. Describe the reason for the lawsuit and submit any applicable details, including video proof

That’s it! DoNotPay will then generate a demand letter or court filing forms for you. We’ll even mail a copy of your demand letter to the individual or business you are suing!

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