How To Sue Nike — And Win!

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How To Sue Nike — And Win!

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Nike is a design, manufacturing, and marketing multinational corporation that produces footwear, apparel, equipment, and accessories. As with any multinational corporation, Nike has experienced its share of lawsuits — and has filed lawsuits itself. In a famous lawsuit, Nike alleged that a Brooklyn-based shoe company called MSCHF modified Nike Air Max 97s with human blood, citing trademark infringement.

In addition, Nike has been sued for making faulty products, product discrimination (marketing certain products in certain areas, as opposed to marketing other products), racial discrimination towards its employees, unfair working conditions, and gender pay discrimination.

If you’ve encountered a conflict with Nike as an employee or consumer, you are entitled to sue and might be entitled to compensation. Below, find a comprehensive guide on how to sue Nike and the compensation you might be entitled to.

Can You Sue Nike?

The short answer is yes. Below, find some examples of why people have chosen to sue Nike.

  • Faulty Products

Have you purchased a faulty product from Nike? If this product has caused damages (physical or mental) you might be entitled to compensation. For instance, you bought a pair of Nike Air Force 1’s and broke your ankle because the shoes were defective — you can sue for the damages you’ve incurred.

  • Product Discrimination

In some cases in the United States, Nike customers have alleged that they’ve suffered discrimination at the hands of Nike — due to unfair product distribution. Troubling accounts have shown that Nike might strategically place certain products in certain areas, limiting access to other products and perpetuating false narratives of a correlation between area and affinity to purchase. Additionally, some allege that Nike places different sizes of clothing in greater proportions in different areas, creating a stereotype for an individual that lives in a particular area.

  • Racial/Ethnic Discrimination

In some lawsuits, former or current employees of Nike have alleged discrimination on the basis of their racial or ethnic identity. In addition, some consumers have sued over being wrongfully profiled when shopping at Nike, and even being followed around stores. It is important to note that the employees of Nike who commit discrimination are liable under the company Nike, as they represent the brand itself.

  • Unfair Working Conditions

Former and current employees have alleged that Nike gives its employees unfair working conditions that violate United States’ labor law, paying workers minimal amounts for maximal work. In some cases, employees even allege that Nike is a system that is fundamentally built off of “cheap, hard labor”.

  • Gender Pay Discrimination

In recent years, former female employees of Nike have taken Nike to federal court over the “abusive and degrading” environment for women it created. The lawsuit is quoted saying that sexism was pervasive and that women were structurally disadvantaged while working for Nike — citing poor pay, maltreatment, and even employee abuse.

How To Sue Nike?

Name “Nike” as the Defendant You must identify Nike as a party you’d like to sue — sue Nike for harming you or owing you money. If you are suing a particular Nike location, you must name both “Nike” and the business location in your lawsuit.
Request Your Demands in A “Demand Letter”If your issue can be resolved outside of court, explore this option before you sue. If Nike is willing to cooperate, ask in writing through sending a demand letter.

Here’s what to include:

  • Review of Facts – For future reference and clarity.
  • Your Demands – Be specific, state what you are looking for in terms of compensation.
  • Conclusion – Let Nike know that you will use legal remedies if the demands are not met by the deadline.
Complete the Legal PaperworkDetermine the court you wish to pursue your claims. If your claim is below $10,000 (varies depending on your state), it is recommended to file a small claims suit.

Keep in mind particular states, like California, it costs $30 to file a claim for less than 1,500 and $75 for a claim more than $5,000.

Keep in mind the following documents:


  • Discusses the claim, jurisdiction, and demands relief.


  • Court order stating when and where a lawsuit will take place, notifying defendants that they are being sued, referencing the complainant, and setting a deadline for filing an answer.

Service of Process

  • A certificate that lets the court know that you served the defendant with the complaint and summons.
“Serve” NikeAsk a third party to “serve” Nike with the paperwork. Once this has been completed, file a proof of service form with the court.
Go To CourtGather court papers, evidence, witnesses and go to court!

Take Nike to Small Claims Court with DoNotPay

Nike is a well-established multinational corporation that has an excess of legal freedom. It also has a well-experienced legal team that is familiar with lawsuits, big and small. Through this, it might not be the best option to sue Nike without legal representation.

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