Learn How To Make a Sublease Agreement in a Few Steps!

Standardized Legal Documents Learn How To Make a Sublease Agreement in a Few Steps!

Make a Sublease Agreement Hassle-Free

Making a sublease agreement is usually a complicated and overbearing process, but it doesn’t always have to be! There is no need to go through this on your own or get lost in the sea of information you find online. 

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Understanding the Sublease Agreement

Unlike a lease, which is a contract that a property owner and a tenant sign, a sublease serves as a contract between tenants and a third party living in the property.

The sublease agreement allows the renters to lease out their rental to another tenant, whether the entire unit or only a portion.

The sublease agreement contract should be signed by both the sublandlord and the subtenant.

You are allowed to sublease unless the original lease forbids it. In most cases, the owner has to be notified and needs to approve any subletting agreement made by the tenant. The original lease should include a section about the control over the subletting process so that the owner has the power to decide who can use or occupy their property.

Can I Make the Sublet Agreement by Myself?

If you want to write a sublease agreement by yourself, you should know what to keep an eye on and how to avoid making any mistakes. You can find the sublease agreement templates online and use them as a guide through this process. 

The issue with these templates is that they are often not reliable and fail to include all the relevant info. If you want a high-quality document, the best option you could go for is to follow the list we provide below and make sure to include all of the mentioned items in your sublet agreement.

Here is what you will need to incorporate in your sublet agreement:

  1. The address and description of the property that is being leased
  2. The full name and address of the original tenant
  3. The full name and address of the subtenant who is taking over the lease
  4. When the sublease will begin and end
  5. Info about the original lease, such as the date and details about the landlord
  6. The amount of money payable by the subtenant to the tenant each month

Make sure to give specific, clearly stated details in all sections to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding with other parties.

Reasons Why the Sublease Agreement Is Important

Having a sublease agreement is not mandatory, but there are certain benefits you will get if you decide to make one. Here are some of them:

  • There is no need for you to leave the apartment you love
  • Subtenants can pay your rent while you are gone, so you will not have to think about the expenses
  • You can earn extra income from rent money
  • Having somebody present in the apartment will help to prevent apartment robbery
  • Subtenants can also alert you and the landlord if there are any urgent repair issues that you wouldn’t be aware of if you are away

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Is the Sublease Agreement Legally Binding?

The sublease agreement is legally binding. Landlords decide whether they want to let their tenants sublease or not.

If you choose to allow the subleasing of your property, you must include all the duties and responsibilities in your sublease agreement. The tenants need to know what their obligations are in order to agree to them and honor them.

If you choose not to allow the subleasing and the tenant does it anyway, you will have grounds to sue them, being that the agreement is legally binding.

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