How To Write a Subcontractor Agreement for Construction Projects

Standardized Legal Documents How To Write a Subcontractor Agreement for Construction Projects

Draft a Subcontractor Agreement for Construction Projects in Minutes

Are you looking for assistance in writing an important legal document, such as a subcontractor agreement? Finding a reliable source online can be difficult, as well as figuring out what legal terms mean. If you’re not used to writing contracts, knowing what to stipulate in them can also prove hard. That’s where DoNotPay steps in with ready-made guides on drafting various agreements! Follow our tips to draw up your subcontractor agreement for construction projects in seven easy steps!

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Understanding the Subcontractor Construction Agreement

Subcontractor construction agreements are contracts signed by two parties—a contractor and a subcontractor of the project. The contract is used to cover the scope of work that will be performed in the construction project.

This agreement should spell out the terms, duties, and obligations of each party involved. The contract needs to be put in writing. That way, should any disputes or other issues arise, you will be able to use this agreement to resolve them.

Drawing Up the Subcontractor Agreement for Construction Projects on Your Own

Writing a construction subcontractor agreement requires you to pay attention and include all crucial sections. Omitting any of the important details can result in confusion and misunderstanding between the parties.

We provide you with a detailed list of all the relevant clauses you should include in your contract:

SectionWhat To Do
Names and addressesWrite the names of both parties and include other details, such as:

  • Phone numbers
  • Addresses
  • Email addresses
Scope of workDefine the scope of work that should be done in the project, including any equipment the subcontractor should provide and other information you find relevant
DatesState the details about the project schedule, like the:

  • Effective date of the agreement
  • Project start date
  • Project end date
Payment termsElaborate on the payment terms and details. Mention how and when the payments will be made, as well as what the agreed amount is
InsuranceVerify your insurance coverage and provide the details
Claims and disputesMake sure to explain how claims and disputes will be resolved
TerminationMention how the termination of the agreement will be handled. Include details on the reasons, duties, and notice requirements regarding the termination

Is a Subcontractor Agreement for Construction Legally Binding?

A construction subcontractor agreement is legally binding. That means that parties can face legal consequences if any of them doesn’t:

  • Honor the working arrangement
  • Satisfy the minimum requirements set by the contract
  • Fulfill their obligations

Notarizing a Subcontractor Agreement for Construction

You don’t have to notarize a subcontractor construction agreement. There is no law stating that notarizing this type of agreement is mandatory since by signing it, you already make it legally binding. 

Still, getting this document notarized can be beneficial. For example, if any claims or disputes arise, you will have a much higher chance of dealing with it in court if you present a notarized document.

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