All About Stillwater Correctional Facility and Contacting Inmates

Connect With an Inmate All About Stillwater Correctional Facility and Contacting Inmates

Stillwater Correctional Facility Inmate: Getting in Touch With a Loved One

Getting in touch with a detained loved one at Stillwater Correctional Facility requires patience and particular information. Both virtual and in-person visits, pen-pals, phone calls, and money deposits are much appreciated by the prisoners at Stillwater Correctional Facility.

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Stillwater Correctional Facility Contact Information

Address970 Pickett St, Bayport, MN 55003
WardenGuy Bosch
WebsiteStillwater / Department of Corrections (
Main Office Phone651-779-2700

Directions from the Twin Cities: From 94 East:

  • Take Hwy I-94 (US-12 East to Exit #258 (Hwy 95 North).
  • Go north to the city of Bayport. Turn left on 5th Ave North.
  • Go two blocks to Hwy 28 (Pickett Street) and turn right.
  • Follow Pickett Street for approximately 1/2 mile.
  • The visitor's parking lot is on the right side of the road, with the main facility entrance further down on the left.

How to Contact Inmates at Stillwater Correctional Facility

To smooth the transition from prison to the outside world, inmates are urged to spend time with family members who are not incarcerated. Friends and family members may be reached via phone and mail; in-person and virtual visits; and money can be sent to their funds.

In-Person Visitation

Face-to-face contact with family and friends helps detainees cope with their confinement, which is particularly important for those who have children. Visitors and convicts are protected by strict restrictions about in-person visits, which must be followed, or the visit will be canceled.

How it Works:

  1. All visits must be pre-scheduled and are restricted to two per month, with no exceptions. Visits are made to each unit as a whole. To make an appointment, call 651-748-7909 or utilize the Online Scheduling feature to schedule a visit. (12/23/2021) - All MN state correctional facilities are closed to visiting until at least January 17, 2022, due to the Omicron variant.)
  2. The temperature of all visitors must be checked. The visit is canceled if the temperature is 100.0°F or above. All guests over 2 must wear barrier masks. Visits will follow social distancing norms, including always keeping 6 feet apart. During the visit, no physical contact is allowed.
  3. Bring a picture ID. Valid driver's license, passport, or military ID.
  4. Obey the dress code; inappropriate clothes will impede entry. Don't wear apparel with foul language or images, and always wear shoes. You may also be requested to remove jewelry and wearable tech.

How to Send Money to Stillwater Correctional Facility Inmates

Inmates need funds to purchase snacks from the commissary or to pay for other amenities. Only convicts' ID Numbers may be used to make payments to their JPay account within the facility. Fines, expenses, and restitution may be paid from the inmate's account.

How to Use JPay to Send Money

  • Online: JPay accepts credit or debit cards for online payments.
  • Phone: JPay accepts phone payments at 1 (800) 574-5729 at any time.
  • Download the JPay app for your mobile device (Android, Apple iOS).
  • Inmates may deposit cash into their JPay account at any MoneyGram facility.
  • Send money orders to- JPay- P.O. Box 278170, Miramar, FL 33027, with a deposit slip attached

For any deposit, JPay charges a fee. This is something to consider while deciding on the amount of the deposit.

Phone Plans

Incarcerated people can place collect phone calls, which will charge the recipient of the phone call, or they may purchase their own phone time through the canteen. Inmates may not receive phone calls, emergency calls must be routed through the staff.

How to Send Mail to Stillwater Correctional Facility Inmates

Paper containing words/drawings; pictures (Polaroid images must have the backing removed); magazines and published materials delivered from the publisher; and clippings or reproductions of published items that fulfill requirements may be included in incoming mail. Commercial greeting cards and postcards that have been signed are permitted; however, cards that play music or have electronically recorded data on them are not permitted.

The weight of incoming mail is restricted to 16 ounces per item. Per envelope or mailing, a maximum of 20 photos are permitted. To send mail to an inmate, you must address your package properly:

  • Name and OID#
  • MCF- (facility name where an inmate is housed)
  • Facility Address

Difficulties You May Have Contacting Loved One in Stillwater Correctional Facility

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