Can You Get Free Upgrades with Stash Hotel Rewards?

Hotel Upgrades Can You Get Free Upgrades with Stash Hotel Rewards?

How to Claim Your Free Upgrades with Stash Hotel Rewards

Travel can be stressful. Running through airports, tracking down luggage, and dealing with jetlag isn't fun for anyone. There's nothing better than cracking open the door to your hotel room after a long day of travel.

Hotels give out free upgrades , and all you have to do is ask. may give you a leg up to an extra nice room, but that's no guarantee. That's where DoNotPay can help.

What Is a Hotel Upgrade

Hotels give out free upgrades to customers who ask for them. Hotel upgrades must go through the general manager. There are a few common reasons for upgrades:

  • Celebrations. If you let the hotel know you are traveling for a special occasion, such as anniversaries, birthdays, or honeymoons, the manager may give you a better room for your stay.
  • Availability. You may receive a free upgrade at check-in when all the standard rooms are booked. According to Oyster, there is no way to plan for this. Checking in at a particular time does not increase your chances of an upgrade. It is better to ask ahead of time.
  • Because the customer asked. Hotels give out upgrades all the time to customers who request one. Asking for an upgrade upfront is the best way to score a nicer room. Being a loyalty program member helps here.

When Can You Get a Hotel Upgrade

It is possible to get a hotel upgrade before, at check-in, or even after check-in.

Before Check-inIf you ask the general manager before checking in, you may be able to get an upgrade. However, the GM’s information isn't always readily available on the hotel's website.

Only the hotel staff can upgrade your room; contacting a hotel's corporate customer service will not help. Once you get the correct contact information, draft a polite email asking for an upgrade. Make sure to mention if you are a member of a loyalty program, like Stash hotel rewards.

At Check-inYou can request an upgrade at check-in. Be polite and kind. The Points Guy notes that hotel employees are more likely to upgrade at check-in if a customer treats them well.

Stash hotel rewards can give you a free upgrade at check-in by booking through one of their partners, granted the hotel has an upgraded room available. DoNotPay can help guarantee your upgrade ahead of time.

After Check-inIn some rare cases, a hotel may give you an upgrade after check-in. For example, if something in your room breaks and the only room available is an upgraded room, you may get lucky. However, there is no reliable way to get an upgraded room after check-in.

What Is Stash Hotel Rewards

Stash hotel rewards is a free loyalty program for independent and boutique hotels. To use Stash rewards:

  1. Create an account
  2. Pick a hotel from their curated list of boutique and independent hotels
  3. Book through the Stash Rewards website
  4. Get points for every dollar you spend. Stash gives you 5 points for every $1 spent on their partner hotels and 1 point per dollar on other independent hotels.
  5. Use the points for free nights, and use your status as a Stash hotel rewards member for other perks.

How Can Stash Hotel Rewards Get You A Free Upgrade

Some Stash hotel rewards partners offer free upgrades for members of the program. For example, book your stay at the Lenox Hotel in Boston and get a free complimentary upgrade at check-in for being part of the Stash program. The hotel also offers other perks to Stash members.

Booking a hotel through Stash with a Stash partner will also get you extra Stash rewards points. Some hotels offer up to five times more points for booking.

Getting a Hotel Upgrade with DoNotPay

Stash rewards can get you a free upgrade at check-in at some hotels, but you may want to guarantee that upgrade ahead of time. And if you like to get an upgrade at a hotel that is not a Stash partner, DoNotPay can help.

If you want to get a hotel upgrade but don 't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 4 easy steps:

  1. Enter the name of the hotel you're staying at, including the location.
  2. Tell us the dates of your stay, who you're staying with, whether it's your first time, and whether you're a loyalty rewards member at the hotel.
  3. Tell us if it's a special occasion (birthday, anniversary, etc.) and any specific upgrades you want to request.
  4. Tell us your current room and confirmation number.

Why Use DoNotPay to Enjoy Hotel Rewards

In an automated world, there should be no need for physical visits or snail mail. DoNotPay makes that happen. All of DoNotPay's services are:

  • Fast
  • Easy
  • Reliable
  • Online

A hotel upgrade is easier than ever with DoNotPay. Use their to generate your request today, and get the hotel room you deserve.

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