Stanislaus County Animal Control: Report and Get Compensated for Your Injuries

Animal Control Stanislaus County Animal Control: Report and Get Compensated for Your Injuries

Reporting Animal Injuries to an Animal Control Agency in Stanislaus County 

In the US, local governments make legislation governing welfare while animal control, contractors, and agencies enforce these laws and policies. Knowing your local animal control agency is convenient if you need to raise complaints and concerns. Stanislaus Animal Service Agency is the local Stanislaus animal control body concerned with animal welfare locally.

Besides reporting dog bites and animal-related incidents to the Stanislaus animal control agency, which is typically a tiring process, you can opt for DoNotPay, a faster and more reliable alternative. Here is everything you should know about animal control in Stanislaus County and how to engage DoNotPay on effective animal control.

About Stanislaus Animal Service Agency

Stanislaus Animal Service Agency is an animal service organization that oversees, provides, and promotes the humane, responsible care of animals and responds to locals' issues regarding animal control. The agency establishes and enforces a healthy balance between humans and animals in Stanislaus County. 

Services that Stanislaus Animal Service Agency provides include:

  • Protecting human safety by enforcing animal policies, ordinances, and quarantines
  • Hindering and investigating inhumane animal treatment
  • Educating and informing the locals about animal codes and ordinances, as well as responsible animal ownership
  • Responding to routine animal service requests from locals
  • Impounding wild and domestic stray animals
  • Managing unclaimed animals via adoption, humane euthanasia, and rescue
  • Providing quality medical attention to all impounded animals, with vet assistance or supervision
  • Implementing, encouraging, and encouraging adoption programs for impounded animals
  • Helping locals locate lost animals
  • Responding to emergency service requests from law enforcement in the shortest time possible.

Stanislaus Animal Service Agency Location, Hours, and Contact Details

Below are the operating hours, contact details, and location of the Stanislaus Animal Service Agency office, whether you need an in-office or online consultation.

AddressStanislaus Animal Service Agency, 3647, Cornucopia Way, Modesto, CA 95358 United States
Office Telephone:+1 209-558-7387
EmailRescue Stan County
WebsiteStanislaus County
Hours of OperationMonday10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Wednesday1:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Saturday12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Stanislaus County Dog Bite Laws

Under Chapter 7.36 (RABIES CONTROL) of the Stanislaus County Code Title 7, Animals, subsection 7.36.080 governs animal bites, especially animals subject to rabies, and in this case, dogs.

Under subsection 7.36.080 (titled Animal bite- Victim Report), if an animal is subject to rabies bites or scratches you or the owner of the animal, you should make a report immediately to the health officer or the Ceres animal control agency. 

Additionally, according to California Civil Code § 3342, a dog owner is liable for damages caused by their dogs in the event of an attack. It is important to seek advice from a professional animal control Modesto expert to understand the policies, ordinances, and regulations revolving around animal attacks.

As such, you can sue the owner of the dog in case the animal bites you, whether in public or private areas, including the animal owner's property.

How to Report and Sue for an Animal-Related Injury on Your Own

In case of an animal bite or injury, there are concrete steps you can take to report the incident to the relevant authorities and sue the liable party. Upon an animal attack in Stanislaus County, start by reporting the incident to Stanislaus Animal Service Agency and the relevant health service provider.

Call the agency or visit their offices during their open hours to report the incident and seek guidance on further action. The agency will most likely pick up the animal and place it under quarantine for roughly two weeks.

The next important step is to seek legal advice from a dog bite lawyer in Stanislaus, especially one with expertise in animal-related personal injury law. The lawyer will help you sue for dog bite damages in the local courts. California is among the states with strict liability regulations making pet owners liable for most animal bites and animal-related injuries.

Unfortunately, the process of suing a liable pet owner is not as easy and fruitful as people often expect. Expect long durations in between your dog bite lawyer's office and the courtroom before you get compensation for the damages. Fortunately, there is a faster and easier alternative to reporting animal injuries and suing pet owners.

How to Report an Animal-related Incident on DoNotPay in Stanislaus County

Below are fast and easy steps to report any dog bites or animal-related injury to the relevant Stanislaus County animal control authority.

  1. Search "animal" on DoNotPay, find the Animal Control product, and select whether you've sustained a physical injury.


  2. Select whether you would like to report this incident to your local government agency, or demand compensation from the pet owner.


  3. Tell us more about the incident, including when and where you were injured, a description of the animal that caused the injury, and the contact information for the pet owner (if known).


DoNotPay files a government report or demand letter on your behalf with precise incident details to help your case. Sign up here to start the process of reporting and suing the liable animal owner in Stanislaus County.

DoNotPay Works Across All States, Counties, and Agencies

DoNotPay can help you with any animal control complaints in Stanislaus County and beyond. Here are examples of DoNotPay's far reach across the US:

  1. Animal control in Los Angeles
  2. Animal control in Atlanta
  3. Animal control in Miami
  4. Pennsylvania dog bite laws
  5. Texas dog bite laws
  6. Ohio dog bite laws.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

DoNotPay provides a myriad of additional services, such as:

Have you recently been bitten or injured by a neighbor's pet in Stanislaus County? Report and sue now with the fast and reliable DoNotPay tool.

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