Best Tactics for Creating a Top-Level Standard Operating Procedures Document

Standardized Legal Documents Best Tactics for Creating a Top-Level Standard Operating Procedures Document

The Secret to Creating a Successful Standard Operating Procedures Document

When you own a company or a business, the success of your team depends on the quality of the everyday procedures they perform. To ensure that each member understands how these tasks work, you can note all the guidelines in a specific document. 

Even though writing such a manual yourself can be tricky, we can help you breeze through it with some top-grade tips! Besides showing you how to compose your standard operating procedures document with ease, we will show you the best way to make various legal documents without lawyers or online templates!

What Are Standard Operating Procedures?

Standard operating procedures represent a document that provides detailed guidelines for completing certain business processes. It defines specific expectations and the steps employees should take to make a procedure effective. The document can be structured according to the employer’s standards or based on local laws and regulations.

This scheme is more practical than typical procedural documents since it’s more thorough and provides explanations for each step of a task. Besides that, it provides clear and concise instructions that are understandable to each team member. The primary goal of implementing them in a business is to make all employees work consistently and save time.

Why Are Standard Operating Procedures Important?

Deciding to implement standard operating procedures is one of the best ways to enhance the organization and bring everyday tasks to perfection. This type of strategy:

  • Reduces mistakes in all areas of the business
  • Provides the best possible practices for the employees to follow
  • Eliminates all potential ambiguities and misunderstandings that may arise
  • Allows all team members to act together and be on the same page while working
  • Offers high-quality training for new employees and a top-grade onboarding process

How To Create a Standard Operating Procedures Document Yourself

There are no strict rules that impose a specific way of composing standard operating procedures. What can make the writing process easier is following some recommended instructions, which you can see in the table below:



Determine your goalsThe first phase consists of defining the purpose of the document. Determine and note the ways these procedures will help your team improve their skills and perform their tasks better
Think about your audienceConsider the profiles of your employees. Think about:

  • Their knowledge
  • Their language skills
  • The potential roles they could play in a particular process
  • The time they have spent in your company and the experience they’ve gained so far

All these aspects will help you assign the right tasks to each team member

Set the format of the documentBefore proceeding with writing the procedures, you should choose one of these three schemes:

  1. Simple steps format—an easy-to-follow bulleted or numbered list with short and straightforward guidelines
  2. Hierarchical steps format—an extensive bulleted or numbered list containing substeps and explanations
  3. Flowchart format—a scheme used for procedures with multiple outcomes or unpredictable results
Draft a documentThe document should include the following sections:

  • Title page, including:
    • Publication date
    • Identification number
    • Names and signatures of the authors of the document
  • Table of contents
  • Description of the procedures in question
Review the written proceduresRevising your document involves:

  • Sharing the draft with team members and asking them for feedback
  • Letting the team test the procedures and ensuring everyone understands all the details
  • Implementing the necessary changes

Once the document is finished, all that remains is to keep updating it and noting all potential changes in the future. 

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