Staffing Agreement in a Nutshell

Standardized Legal Documents Staffing Agreement in a Nutshell

The Ins and Outs of the Staffing Agreement

Legal documents and contracts can be hard to understand, and the staffing agreement is no exception. We are here to cut through the legal jargon and explain the confusing terms.

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The Staffing Agreement—Explained

A staffing agreement is a contract signed between a staffing agency and a client. The staffing agency assigns their employees to perform various services for the client and offers assistance with management and human resources.

The contract is used to set out the expectations of the professional relationship and outline the duties and responsibilities of the parties involved.

The staffing agreement is convenient if you need additional labor and seasonal workers. The staffing agency will act as the middleman between the employers and employees and find the eligible candidates that meet the requirements you seek.

What Should the Staffing Agreement Cover?

Before signing any contract, you should ensure all the important sections are included. The following list contains all the key provisions a valid staffing agreement should cover:

  1. Professional staffing services—The contract has to state clearly what kind of professional services will be provided
  2. Fees—The payment method should be explained. Some agencies charge a percentage, while others charge a flat fee
  3. Invoicing schedule—An invoicing schedule has to be specified. The contract should also cover invoice details, such as whether there will be one invoice with the lump sum due on one date or several spread-out invoices
  4. Payment terms—The payment terms section should include the dates when fees are due and what happens if they are late, including the penalties
  5. Signatures—Both the agency designated employee and the client must sign the document

The Staffing Agreement—Pros and Cons

The staffing agreement, like any other, comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. The table below can help you decide whether this agreement is the right choice for you.

The arrangements are flexible, meaning that contractors are available during crunch times when full-time employees aren’t around or during hiring freezesTemporary employees may find it difficult to fit in the team and get along with the full-time employees. Contract workers hold a short-term position, which can lead to poor team bonding and interaction
Instead of spending time training an inexperienced worker, a staffing agency provides skilled candidates for the jobHiring workers through a staffing agency can be risky since the agency may not be fully aware of your company culture. They may misinterpret your employer brand and company policies

Should I Get a Staffing Agreement Notarized?

A staffing agreement becomes legally enforceable once you and the other parties sign it. Getting the contract notarized is optional but advisable. Notarization provides an additional level of security in the case of any claims or disputes. DoNotPay can help you get your documents notarized with a remote notary hassle-free!

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