All About The Spanish Consulate Houston

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All About The Spanish Consulate Houston

Whether you are a Spanish citizen living in Houston and hoping to get a new passport or a US citizen planning on a trip to Spain, the Spanish Consulate in Houston can help you with your questions and process your requests! However, it can be pretty time-consuming and tiring to go to the consulate physically just to ask a question, right?

That’s why we prepared this article to help you get information on how to contact the Spanish Consulate in Houston. We’ll also go over what services they provide as well as how you contact the Spanish consulate easily with DoNotPay!

Where Is the Spanish Consulate in Houston Located?

The Consulate General of Spain in Houston is located in the neighborhood of West Oaks. The exact address is:

1800 Bering Dr #660, Houston, TX 77057, USA

If you would like to get to the Consulate General of Spain by public transportation, you can take the following bus routes, depending on where you are coming from: 

  1. Bus No 32
  2. Bus No 49

Get off on the Bering Dr & San Felipe Rd stop and walk three minutes to get to the office!

If you are getting to the consulate by car, there are parking spots that are provided for the consulate visitors.

Contact Information of the Spanish Consulate in Houston

If you need the contact information of the Spanish Consulate in Houston, refer to the table below for it!


1800 Bering Dr #660, Houston, TX 77057, USA

Phone +1 (713) 783-6200
Fax +1 (713) 783-6166
Office Hours Monday to Friday

  • 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • By appointment only
  • Except for Spanish and US holidays
Website: Consulate General of Spain in Houston Website
Social Media

Consular Services Provided By The Spanish Consulate in Houston

Here is a table showing all of the services the consulate provides:

For Spanish Citizens:
  • Nationality
    • Acquiring Nationality
    • Preservation of Nationality
    • Recovery of Nationality
    • NIE (Foreigner Identification Number)
    • NIF (Tax Identification Number)
  • Consular Registration
    • Registration & Cancellation of Registration
    • Change of Address
  • Passport
    • Spanish Passport
    • Loss & Theft
    • Expired
    • Renewal
    • Apply for a Passport
  • Certificates
    • FNMT Electronic Certificate
    • Criminal Record Certificate
    • Residence Certificate
    • Legalizations
    • DNI
    • Fe de Vida Certificate
  • Hunting
    • Permit for Hunting Guns in Spain (Temporarily Unavailable)
  • Driving License
    • How to get Spanish Driving License
  • Civil Registry
    • Change of Name and Last Name
    • Birth, Marriage, Death Certificate
    • Birth, Marriage, Death, Divorce Register
    • Libro de Familia
    • Corrections in Birth, Marriage, and Death Certificates
For Foreigners:
  • Visas
    • Student Visa
      • Language Assistant
      • Au Pair
      • Under 18 years old
      • Requirements
    • Schengen Visa
      • Only for fully Covid-19 vaccinated people.
    • Resident Visa
    • Work Visa
    • Retirement Visa
    • Long-Term Visa
    • Forms & Templates & Fees
  • Entry Requirements
    • Possession of Valid Passport & Travel Document
    • Possession of Valid Visa
  • Formalities after Entry into Spain
    • Renewal of Short-Term Visas
    • Foreigner Identity Cards
  • Nationality
    • How to Apply for Spanish Nationality
  • Legalizations
  • Information on:
    • Tourism in Spain
    • Working in Spain
    • Studying in Spain
    • Residing in Spain

Contact the Spanish Consulate in Houston with DoNotPay Easily!

Now, we gathered all the contact information of the consulate as well as the services provided by them but that does not mean it will be easy to contact them. Generally, it is pretty time-consuming to come up with an optimal email expressing all your concerns and questions. So, let DoNotPay take the burden from you and contact the consulate on your behalf! 

All you need to do is take these simple steps: 

1. Search for “consulate” on DoNotPay’s website or app.


2. Choose to reach a “Foreign Embassy/Consulate”.


3. Describe your concerns.


4. Enter “Spain” as the country you need to contact.

That’s it! Now all you need to do is wait for a response from the consulate. We’ll take care of the return address too!

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