Reach Southern Water Customer Service Agents In a Snap

Jump the Phone Queue for Any Company Reach Southern Water Customer Service Agents In a Snap

Reach Southern Water Customer Service Agents In a Snap


Getting in touch with a human being at a company can be a frustrating, almost unachievable task. Sometimes you have to dial the number repeatedly to get through to an agent. Other times you have to sit on hold while waiting for an agent to come to the line. This is all time that you can use productively in other areas of your life, but you need the company's assistance, so you wait.

But what if you could jump the long phone queues and talk to an agent? DoNotPay is the answer to ensuring you remain productive while handling your customer service issues. We will sit on hold for you and alert you once a Southern Water customer service agent is on the line.

How to Contact Southern Water to Make a Complaint

Southern Water provides several avenues through which their clients can reach them. Many of these lines are on 24/7, while others are operational six days a week. The following table contains all of Southern Water customer service numbers you can call for different issues:

ServicePhone Number
Waste or Wastewater Emergency0330 303 0368
Bill-Related Enquiries0330 303 0277
Developer Services Enquiries0330 303 0119

Alternative Methods to Reach Southern Water

If the phone lines are busy, you can explore the following alternative methods of contacting Southern Water customer service:

  • Contact Form: Head over to the company's contact page and fill in the contact form with your name, address, postcode, customer number, your issue, email address, phone number and your message. Ensure to give as much detail as possible about your specific issue to ensure Southern Water provides an effective solution.
  • Live Chat: You can also find help using the Live Chat button at the bottom of your screen. Once you click on it, the Chat will ask you for your name, email address, phone number, customer number and topic. This will help Southern Water identify your issue and solve it almost instantaneously.
  • Help Page: Southern Water also provides quick assistance on the Help Page for clients to quickly solve their issues to ease the phone lines. You can find help contacting a plumber, solving water issues and more details on the company's Help Page.
  • Social Media: Tag Southern Water on social media or send them a direct message to bring the issue to their attention. Companies don't like negative talk about them, so if you raise an issue about them on a public forum, they are more likely to answer your questions and provide prompt solutions.
  • Post: You can send your correspondence to Southern House, Yeoman Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN13 3NX.

How to Sue Southern Water in Small Claims Court With the Help of DoNotPay



If you feel Southern Water customer service wrongdoing is serious, you need to pursue the matter legally. However, filing a lawsuit is not only complicated but hiring a good lawyer is also time-consuming and expensive. All these make some people question whether it's worth the trouble.

DoNotPay is here to ensure it's all worth the effort. We make the process quick and simple. You no longer have to spend weeks drafting the lawsuit or hiring an expensive lawyer to take care of the legal procedures. Instead, our bot will take care of the matter for you.

Here's how we can help:

  1. Check whether your case qualifies for small claims court. The limit for small claims amounts are as follows:
  • England and Wales: £10,000
  • Scotland: £5,000
  • Northern Ireland: £3,000
  1. Draft a demand letter with DoNotPay
  2. Fill out the relevant court forms
  3. File your complaint against Southern Water
  4. Serve the company
  5. Appear in court and use our prepared script and win your case

DoNotPay Can Contact Southern Water for You

DoNotPay can wait on hold until a Southern Water customer service agent comes online. Here's how we do it:

  1. Head over to DoNotPay and sign up


  2. Key in the 'Skip Waiting On Hold' product and select it


  3. Look for the company you want to call


  4. Click on it and let us take it from there


Get Your Customer Service Issue Solved With DoNotPay



Southern Water customer service calls aren't the only thing we can help you with. Here are some big-name companies DoNotPay has worked with:

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?



DoNotPay's services extend to more than solving Southern Water customer service issues. Our app's AI technology ensures we help our clients solve many bureaucratic issues efficiently. Our services range from fighting parking tickets to:

We live in a fast-paced world and want quick, on-the-fly solutions. Try DoNotPay today and never wait on hold again.

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