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How to Get a Marriage Certificate in South Dakota

A marriage certificate is a legal document proving a couple is married in South Dakota. Partners have to solemnize their marriage by returning a signed copy of the marriage license within 90 days to apply for a marriage certificate.

Having a marriage certificate in South Dakota gives spouses various benefits. They can add their partner as a beneficiary of their work benefits, bank accounts, and insurance plans. The IRS also demands a copy of the marriage certificate sometimes to audit a married individual. 

Getting a marriage certificate is a complicated process in South Dakota, especially for an individual unaware of the procedures. One is forced to undergo lengthy procedures and paperwork. Some extra charges might apply sometimes.

DoNotPay has eliminated all the drawbacks associated with getting a marriage certificate in South Dakota. It has created a platform that allows people to apply for their marriage certificates online after paying the necessary application fee. DoNotPay mails the details to the county clerk for processing on someone's behalf for processing. 

Persons Eligible for a Marriage Certificate in South Dakota 

The following are eligible to obtain a marriage certificate in South Dakota:

  1. Persons above 18 years of age 

The State of South Dakota considers any person above 18 years of age an adult and ready for marriage. The county clerk usually demands proof of age such as a U.S. Issued driving license, passport, or tribal identification card. 

  1. Persons aged between 16 and 17 years 

South Dakota allows people aged 16 and 17 years to get married. However, their parents must accompany them. The state also allows them to produce signed consent from their parents or legal guardians. They are also required to produce original birth certificates as proof of age and parentage. 

Where to Apply For a Marriage Certificate in South Dakota

You need to get in touch with the South Dakota Vital Records office.

City/County/State Office

Contact Address and Phone Number

Marriage Certificate Processing Fee

South Dakota Vital Records

207 E. Missouri Ave

Suite A1

Pierre, SD 57501

Phone: 605-773-4961

Fax: 605-773-2680

First Copy: $15.00

Additional Copies: $15.00

An individual applying for a marriage certificate in South Dakota have to part with $15 per copy as a marriage certificate application fee. $11.50 is also charged for expedited processing alongside the $15 per copy application fee. It takes approximately two weeks to process a marriage certificate in South Dakota. 

Documents Needed While Applying For a Marriage Certificate in South Dakota 

A marriage certificate is only processed after completing the required South Dakota Vital Record Request and having the form notarized. The Officiant must ensure they return your marriage license to the Register of Deeds within ten days after solemnizing your marriage; otherwise, your marriage will be declared invalid. 

Other documents needed in the application process are: 

  • Current government-issued photo identification card with the applicant's signature 
  • A notarized signature for online applicants 

A person without a government identification card can send a clear copy of any two of the following:

  • Social security card 
  • Utility bill with an updated address 
  • Bank statement with the latest address 
  • Pay Stub 

How to Get a Marriage Certificate by Yourself in South Dakota 

Applying for a marriage certificate by yourself is a lengthy process. First, one must confirm whether the Officiant returned the marriage license within ten days after solemnizing their marriage.

Then, the applicant has to fill various forms and get notarizations from relevant authorities in different offices. Finally, the documents have to be vetted and certified in different offices before they are declared fit for processing.

The process is quite tedious and time-consuming. 

Alternative Ways of Getting a Marriage Certificate in South Dakota 

Most people opt to use third parties to get their marriage certificates. The third parties can be lawyers, judges, priests, or well-connected friends.

In most cases, spouses use their officiants to get their marriage certificates. However, the officiants charge service fees to get the marriage certificates.

DoNotPay Is the Best Way to Get a Marriage Certificate in South Dakota 

DoNotPay eliminates all the hassles and extra costs associated with applying for a marriage certificate in South Dakota. The process is convenient, time-saving, and considerably cheaper than other methods of getting a marriage certificate. 

How to Get a Marriage Certificate Copy in South Dakota with DoNotPay

You can get a marriage certificate with DoNotPay in 7 easy steps:

  1. Go to the Certificates of Marriage product on DoNotPay.

  2. Select whether the certificate belongs to you or a relative/loved one. If it belongs to someone else, enter the details of both people on the certificate and select/upload evidence that proves your relationship with them. If the certificate is yours, enter the details of your spouse.

  3. Enter the city, state, and county where the marriage certificate was issued as well as the date it was issued.

  4. Indicate what you will be using this certificate for, and choose whether you need an authorized or certified copy.

  5. Enter your contact information and shipping address. Upload copies of your government-issued identification, such as a driver's license.

  6. Choose whether you would like to electronically sign this form or not. Once we generate the form, verify that all of the information is correct.

  7. If you need the document to be notarized, schedule a notarization appointment using our Notary product. Otherwise, proceed to our Mail Checks product and let DoNotPay mail-in your request form with a check on your behalf.

Why Use DoNotPay to Get Your Marriage Certificate in South Dakota

You should use DoNotPay to get your marriage certificate in South Dakota because:

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