Drafting a South Carolina Power of Attorney the Easy Way

Create a Power of Attorney Drafting a South Carolina Power of Attorney the Easy Way

Writing a South Carolina Power of Attorney Has Never Been Easier!

Drafting a South Carolina power of attorney doesn’t have to be a nightmare! You can create your POA document with ease by following our step-by-step guide or let our robot lawyer generate one in your stead! Sign up for DoNotPay, and discover all there is to know about POAs and how to obtain one effortlessly!

Understanding the Power of Attorney in South Carolina

A power of attorney is a legal document signed between the following two parties:

  1. The principal
  2. The agent

This document allows the principal to transfer certain powers to the trusted agent. The agent gets the authority to make any financial, health, and other decisions that the principal instructs them to make on their behalf.

There are several types of POA documents, including:

  • General power of attorney—The general POA allows the agent to make financial and other decisions in the principal’s stead as long as the principal is mentally competent
  • Durable power of attorney—The durable POA differs from the regular POA because it stays in effect even after the principal becomes incapacitated
  • Limited power of attorney—The limited POA gives the principal the option to make the POA last for a certain period of time and transfer clearly specified powers
  • Financial power of attorney— The financial POA allows the agent to handle the principal’s finances and real estate matters. It can be either effective immediately or springing (i.e., dependent on a certain event)

What Powers Can a Principal Transfer With the Durable Power of Attorney in SC?

The durable POA in South Carolina gives the agent the ability to:

  1. Do any act or deed in the principal’s stead in the same way he or she would
  2. Review the principal’s personal and health info, including his or her hospital records
  3. Be a representative payee for all payments the principal is entitled to
  4. Deal with the principal’s life, disability, and other insurance policies
  5. Handle the principal’s bank accounts
  6. File the principal’s taxes

The SC Power of Attorney Requirements—Does a Power of Attorney Have To Be Recorded in SC?

Before you start writing your power of attorney in South Carolina, you should get acquainted with your state’s laws.

Under SC law, all powers of attorney must be witnessed and notarized. The SC state law, generally, doesn’t require the POA document to be recorded. There are some instances when having the POA recorded is needed, though, such as when used for a specific purpose (e.g., real estate transaction).

Can I Write a Power of Attorney in SC on My Own?

You can, but writing the POA document on your own will require a lot of time and effort. You have to make sure to incorporate all the important sections, such as:

SectionWhat To Include
TitleGive the POA document a specific title to avoid any future misunderstandings
DatesInclude the dates when the document:

  • Is signed
  • Becomes effective

If you draft a limited POA, you can state the beginning and end date of the document

Names and detailsState both the principal’s and agent’s full names, along with:

  • Their addresses
  • Contact info
PowersGive a sufficiently detailed description of the powers that will be transferred with the POA document

Both the principal and the agent have to agree on the terms stated in the document and provide their signatures.

Hiring a lawyer to assist you in writing the document and reviewing it afterward is advisable. Since lawyers can be super pricey, you can always turn to a more affordable and time-efficient option—DoNotPay.

How To Get a Power of Attorney in SC With DoNotPay in Minutes

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We’ll draw up your POA right away, and all that’s left is for both parties to read the notices and sign the document.

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