How to Claim Your SoCal WaterSmart Rebates

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Life in Southern California can be beautiful, but there's always the possibility of recurring drought. That's one reason California water districts offer programs designed to help residents consume less water, along with rebates that encourage responsible water use. SoCal WaterSmart rebates can help you pay for water-saving improvements.

What Is SoCal WaterSmart?

Administered by the San Diego County Water Authority, The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, and other local agencies, WaterSmart provides educational programs which include landscape makeover workshops and on-demand videos that teach residents, businesses, and professionals how to spare water use in drought-prone California.

SoCal WaterSmart rebates reward consumers and contractors for making water-conserving changes, including replacing turf, installing soil moisture sensors, and switching out water-wasting toilets and washing machines.

What Is the SoCal WaterSmart Turf Replacement Program?

Intended to replace water-wasting turf grass with drought-tolerant native plants, the Turf Replacement program encourages homeowners to remove turf, modify irrigation techniques, and retain rainwater in barrels or cisterns to support reuse of the same.

At the time of this writing, Metropolitan Water District provides a rebate of $2.00 per square foot per year for converted yards up to 5,000 square feet in size. Local water agencies may offer additional incentives to consumers who install water-saving outdoor devices, including rotating sprinkler nozzles, weather-based irrigation controllers, soil moisture sensors, and rainwater reservoirs such as cisterns and non-homemade rain barrels.

How to Apply for a SoCal WaterSmart Turf Replacement Rebate on Your Own

To qualify for a SoCal WaterSmart rebate, you will need to be approved before removing your existing turf. Start by setting up a WaterSmart account with your full legal name and a valid email address and password. This account will enable you to request a reserve of rebate funds and allow you to log in and check your rebate status.

Before you set up your account, be sure to have the following things at hand:

  1. Minimum of five color images of your extant turf
  2. A photocopy or scan of your most recent water bill
  3. A simple landscape plan which clearly shows the area to be transformed
  4. A list of selected storm-water retention features and where you will install them

According to the rebate portal, approvals for turf replacement rebates are meted out on a first-come-first-served basis and are dependent on the availability of rebate funds.

How to Apply for High-Efficiency Clothes Washer and Toilet Rebates on Your Own

First, check the SoCal WaterSmart list of approved clothes washers to ensure your machine is on the list. As of December 1, 2021, there are hundreds of approved washing machines, including:

  • Amana models NFW5800D and NFW5800H
  • Bosch models WAT28400UC and WAT28401UC
  • Crosley model YFW450SM
  • Electrolux models EFLS517 and EFLS527
  • GE models GFW148SL and GFW400SM
  • Kenmore models 3171 and 592-4969
  • LG models WKEX200H and WM1388H
  • Maytag models MHW3505F and MHW8630H
  • Miele models WWB020 and WWH860
  • Samsung models WF45H61 and WV60A99
  • Whirlpool models WFW3090J and WFW9290F

Water-sparing, high-efficiency toilets on the official rebate list include:

  • Acara model AC249HL bowl, T491.0GS tank
  • Aflush/Waso model WS2001EL: W2001E bowl, 52001L tank
  • American Standard model 238AA.114: 3385A.101 bowl, 4385A.114 tank
  • AmGreen model AG25B bowl, AG20T tank
  • Bolina by Zhangzhou model W8270/B722 bowl, T8272/T7ULF tank
  • Cascadian Sanitary Ware model C201 bowl, T201 tank
  • Dolphinbay Plumbing ZS9R16522338: Z59R16 bowl, 522338 tank
  • Evergreen Smart Energy model EG25SWH bowl, EG20TSWH tank
  • Hennessy & Hinchcliffe model N7716: N7716 bowl, N7715T tank
  • Kohler model K-3519: 4304 bowl, 4484 tank
  • Leza model HM25HSWH bowl, HM20TSWH tank
  • Niagara model C33.300.01: 33.0201.01 bowl, 33.0300.0lLWH tank

If your washing machine or high-efficiency toilet is on the approved list, create an account at the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California website and be sure to follow all directions.

Rebate Problems

Yelp users report numerous problems with receiving their rebates. Some even go so far as to call the WaterSmart rebate program "a scam" while noting a years-long wait for a rebate check that never came. There's got to be a better way to apply for a WaterSmart rebate, right? There is.

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