Find Out What a Properly-Written Snow Removal Template Should Include

Standardized Legal Documents Find Out What a Properly-Written Snow Removal Template Should Include

Should You Rely on a Snow Removal Contract Template? 

Do you need to hire a snow plowing company, or are you a contractor that offers snow removal services? If you’re not sure how to write an appropriate contract, one of the options is to rely on a snow removal contract template. 

This guide will explain which sections a properly-written snow plowing contract should include. Access DoNotPay to find out more about this contract, and rely on us when you need help drawing up various legal documents

What Is a Snow Removal Contract?

A snow removal contract is an agreement signed between a client and a company or a contractor who provides snow plowing services. This document can be created for residential or commercial use, and the contractor needs to provide the service:

  1. Upon request—when the client contacts the contractor and books an appointment
  2. In the event of a snowstorm—the contractor needs to provide the service promptly after every snowstorm

By opting for a written agreement instead of a verbal one, you may prevent:

  1. Potential disputes
  2. Misunderstandings
  3. Not getting paid on time

This document is also known as a snow plowing contract.

Types of Snow Removal Contracts

Here are some common types of snow removal contracts you can come across:

  1. Seasonal—set for a longer period, usually from three to five years, and a client pays a fixed amount regardless of:
    • How many times it snows
    • How mild or severe a winter season is 
  2. Pay per push—a good choice for locations with constant snowfalls (for example, where snow needs to be plowed more than once a day) and where a client must pay for each visit
  3. Per inch—based on the snow depth typically determined by weather stations
  4. Per event—beneficial in areas where there are not a lot of snowstorms as a contractor will bill a client a flat rate per snowstorm
  5. Time-based—profitable for contractors since they can charge:
    • Per hour
    • For each snowstorm event

You do not have to use only one snow removal contract type. To ensure that both parties get the best deal, you should determine what type fits a specific client and location the best. 

What To Include in the Snow Removal Contract

The following table shows which sections you should include in this type of service contract:

Contract Sections

This Part Should

Contact informationInclude the client’s and contractor’s:

  1. Names
  2. Phone numbers
  3. Email addresses
  4. Billing addresses
Date of contractSpecify the dates when the contract and the service:

  • Start
  • End
Vehicle areaInclude the specifics of snow removal services from driveways. You can spell out that the service will be provided only in the event of the precisely accumulated snow depth
Pedestrian areaList where the contractor performs snow shoveling on, for instance:

  • Walkways
  • Entrances
  • Disability ramps 
De-icing servicesAddress the events when the contractor should use de-icing materials
Snow removal rates schedulePut a list of services the contract covers together with the rates
Snow depthDefine how snow depth is determined—e.g., using third-party published and compiled meteorological data about the geographic area of the client’s property
Sales taxEmphasize that the above-listed rates do not include state sales tax which will be added to each invoice 
Terms and conditionsInclude further details regarding the:

  • Services 
  • Payments
  • Indemnity
  • Site condition—i.e., that all surfaces will be inspected and the contractor will not be responsible for any damage as a result of the snow and ice treatment and removal

Additional Elements

In your snow plowing contract, you could also include the miscellaneous section where you can add information like:

  • Governing state laws
  • Whether the contract is binding on heirs, successors, legal representatives, and similar
  • How the contract can be amended
  • How a possible conflict will be resolved

Keep in mind that your contract should be clear to avoid any misunderstanding, strengthen the business relationship, and build trust with clients.

Can a Snow Removal Contract Template Be Useful?

To create a solid agreement, you can google some available snow removal contract templates. While these can be useful, finding a perfect one is almost impossible. You will need to adjust templates to your specific needs as the available ones are usually too generic. 

Another aspect worth considering is that some platforms will charge you for accessing, downloading, and using their templates. 

While you might need to spend some time adjusting a snow removal contract template, creating other legal documents does not have to be a struggle.

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