The Essentials of the Small Business Loan Terms

Small Business Loan Request Letter The Essentials of the Small Business Loan Terms

Everything You Need To Know About the Small Business Loan Terms

A lot goes into choosing the most suitable small business loan, including the loan type and terms. This article provides the ultimate guide to the small business loan terms and tools that you can use to qualify for a loan without breaking a sweat. Use DoNotPay to write a loan request letter and increase your chances of getting the loan approved!

What Are Small Business Loans?

Small and medium-sized businesses require a lot of capital to fund their expenses and need all the financial assistance they can get. A small business loan provides such companies with the capital to cover their short-term and long-term expenses, such as:

  1. Daily expenses
  2. Equipment and real estate purchase
  3. Other business projects

What Are the Typical Terms of a Small Business Loan?

A loan repayment term is the amount of time that a borrower has to pay back the loan. Here is a brief overview of the small business loan terms based on the different loan types:

Type of LoanLoan AmountRepayment TermInterest RateApproval Time
SBA loan$5 million
  • Maximum ten years for working capital
  • 25 years for real estate loans
Can be fixed or variable, ranging from 2.75–4.75%Ranges between 36 hours to two weeks
Term loansRanges from $50,000 to $1,000,000
  • Short-term:three to 24 months
  • Mid-term: up to five years
  • Long-term: up to ten years
Depends on the lender typeBetween a few days and a few weeks
Bank loans$500,000Three to ten years3–22%From one week to two months
Business line of creditBetween $1,000 to $250,000Six months to five years10–99%Within a few days
MicroloansUp to $50,000Up to six years8–13%Online lenders take up to 24 hours, while banks can take a longer time
Equipment loansUp to 100% of the equipment costSame as the life of the equipment2–20%Online lenders might approve within a day, but banks take approximately a few weeks
Inventory financing20–65% of the inventory costUp to a year0–80%Between a day to a month, depending on the lender type
Merchant cash advance$500,000Three to 18 monthsA factor rate is between 1.1 and 1.5As little as 24 hours

How To Decide if the Business Loan Terms Are Right for You

To decide if a business loan has suitable terms and conditions, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Reason for getting a loan
  • The total amount of money that you require
  • Interest rates
  • Repayment terms and conditions, including how you plan to cover your regular business expenses
  • Current working capital
  • The type of lender that you choose

If you have a good credit rating and require a large amount of money, you can opt for a bank loan. Banks provide a higher amount of loan, with favorable repayment terms and interest rates. In case you own a new business or have a low credit rating, you can search for lenders online or visit peer-to-peer lending sites.

Requirements for Getting a Small Business Loan

Depending on the type of lender you choose, there are several requirements that you need to fulfill to qualify for a small business loan approval. Here is a list of the essential ones:

  • Personal credit score—For many lenders, a personal or business credit score is a deal maker or breaker. If you have a good credit score, you guarantee the repayment of the loan, and more lenders will offer to give you a small business loan. A poor credit rating reduces your chances of getting loans from reputable organizations
  • Cash flow—Your bank statements, cash flows, and budget sheets let the lender know that you’re capable of returning the loan and represent your business’s health
  • Age of business—Most banks and traditional lenders require a business to run for at least two years before the owner can apply for a loan. If you have started your business recently, you can look for online lenders to cover startup costs
  • Collateral—To approve a loan, some lenders may require collateral, which can be any tangible asset already owned by the business owner, as a guarantee for repayment
  • Business industry—The type of industry your business operates in is also a major factor for lenders to consider. Some lenders avoid industries they consider risky or markets that have unsteady cash flows. Examples of such businesses can include gambling or adult entertainment industries

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