Components of a Small Business Loan Application Form

Small Business Loan Request Letter Components of a Small Business Loan Application Form

Do You Need a Small Business Loan Application Form?

Securing additional financing is a critical part of your small business’ growth. You need to carefully carry out the loan request process, as any errors or omissions on your application form will likely result in a denial.

A poorly prepared small business loan application form will supersede whatever qualifications your new company may possess. Read our guide to find out what to include in your application—or let DoNotPay take care of the process for you.

What You Need To Know About Small Business Loans

Startup business loans help new companies pay for significant purchases or cover operating costs that exceed revenue. You may need some additional form of financing if your small business budget cannot accommodate one of the following critical expenses:

  • Equipment purchases
  • Property renovations
  • Seasonal wages

Both banks and the Small Business Administration (SBA) offer various types of loans, including:

  • Term loans—ideal for capital purchases
  • Lines of credit—additional financial resources covering month-to-month costs

Small business loans work by netting an additional return on the borrowed amount, allowing the lender to make money in the process. You may be required to present collateral as a security on your loan.

The best business loans offer terms that include low-interest rates and minimal additional fees.

Calculating Your Loan Request

The most important detail on your small business loan form is the amount you want to borrow. You cannot ask for a loan without presenting evidence that supports your need and a detailed explanation of the purpose for the funds.

In order to determine the amount of money you require, consider the following small business expenses:

Expense Details
Commercial rent Monthly rate for your business space as determined by your lease
Insurance fees Premiums for any necessary policies that protect your company against property damage, injuries, and more
Licensing fees Expenses stemming from acquiring permits and other licenses associated with your services and goods
Salaries and wages The costs of maintaining a staff (including benefits)
Property management and maintenance Any changes or enhancements to your place of business
Line of business equipment Tools and machinery needed to deliver your service or produce your goods
Working capital Funds to cover primary operating costs before you start generating revenue

Your Small Business Loan Checklist

To get a small business loan, you will have to file an application form to your lender of choice. While you'll be required to submit different information depending on the lender (banks or third parties), some sections of the form will remain the same.

Make sure you have the following information ready before filling out a small business loan application form:

Business Information and Documentation Details Examples
Borrower information Your business’ contact details, loan intent, and business principles Borrower Information Form
Personal background Contact information for owners, partial owners, guarantors, and managing members Phone number, address
Personal financial statement Personal credit score and declaration of financial assets Financial statement from your personal bank account
Professional financial statement Company income, expenses, and financial management plan Balance sheet or monthly financial statement
Business license or certificate Proof that the business is established as separate from the founder C-corporation, S-corporation, and limited liability partnership documentation
Loan application history Particulars of previous applications Archived copies of past application forms
Income Tax Returns Income tax records for the last three years Form 1040X, Form 1120S
Partner work history Previous employment, qualities, and skills Resume
Business strategy Business history, mission, and vision Business plan
Lease Information about your professional lease agreement Copy of your commercial lease
Bank statements Your business’ financial history Bank statements associated with your business’ bank

DoNotPay Will Guide You Through the Loan Application Process

Even if you understand the many parts of the small business loan application form, applying for a small business loan on your own is a complicated process. You do not want to risk being denied because you overlooked one minor step or forgot a single detail about your business history.

Are you looking for a guide to the process? DoNotPay will assist you each step of the way. We can help you find the best three lenders for your needs, generate a professional request letter, and apply on your behalf.

Our AI-powered robot lawyer offers two tools that specifically support the loan application process:

  1. Find Online Business Loan Lender—helps you narrow down dozens of options and find the one that suits the needs of your business
  2. Business Loan Request Letter Generator—provides a detailed checklist for necessary business and financial documentation needed to compose a comprehensive loan request letter

Once you find a lender, here is how to proceed:

  1. Log in to your DoNotPay account
  2. Find the Business Loan Request Letter product
  3. Input your business and loan information
  4. Upload the necessary documentation

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