Visiting Slovenia? Tourist Visa Requirements in Simple Terms

Tourist Visa Guide Visiting Slovenia? Tourist Visa Requirements in Simple Terms

Slovenia—A Tourist Visa Guide

If you haven’t visited Slovenia, this small but beautiful country should be on your travel radar.

You can explore numerous lakes, rivers, and green valleys on exciting hiking trails with the Alps towering in the distance. The country is also known for its amazing cuisine and many historical landmarks.

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Is a Slovenian Tourist Visa Necessary for U.S. Citizens?

If you plan on staying in Slovenia less than 90 days within a 180-day period, you won’t need a visa. The clock starts ticking as soon as you enter the Schengen Zone, and you need to leave this area once the 90 days run out. You must stay outside the Schengen Zone for a minimum of three months before re-entering.

What Documents Do You Need To Enter Slovenia?

U.S. citizens need to have a valid passport to enter Slovenia. Make sure your travel document is valid for three additional months, although the safest bet is to travel with a passport expiring in half a year minimum. When in Slovenia, you need to carry official identification at all times—a U.S. passport in your case.

Since you are a non-EU citizen, you must register with the local police within 72 hours of arrival if you plan to stay longer than three days.

How To Get in Touch With the Slovenian Embassy

If you have any additional questions about travel requirements, you should contact the Slovenian Embassy or one of the consulates in the U.S. Take a look at the table below for the necessary contact info:

The InstitutionAddressPhone NumberEmail
Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Washington, D.C.2410 California St, NW, Washington, D.C. 20008,
Slovenia Consulate in Ohio1111 Chester Avenue, Suite 520

4411, Cleveland,

Ohio, United States
Slovenia Consulate in San Francisco, CA354 Pine Street, Third Floor, CA 94104, San Francisco, United
Slovenia Consulate in Texas2925 Briarpark, Suite 700, 77042, Houston, Texas, United
Slovenia Consulate in New York600 Third Avenue, 21st Floor, 10016, New York, United
Slovenia Consulate in IllinoisSlovenian Cultural Center, 14252 Main Street, 60439 Lemont, Illinois, United
Slovenia Consulate in Florida1501 Calais Drive

33141, Miami Beach

Florida, United States
Slovenia Consulate in ColoradoOne Tabor Center

1200 Seventeenth Street, Suite 1500

80202, Denver, Colorado, United States

COVID-19 Restrictions in Slovenia You Should Know About

Before setting off for Slovenia, you should consider the COVID-19 rules you need to follow. Here’s the most relevant info:

  • U.S. citizens on non-essential travel are allowed to enter Slovenia only if fully vaccinated or recently recovered from COVID-19
  • U.S. citizens who are married to a Slovenian citizen or have residency in the EU can enter the country with proof of a negative COVID-19 test
  • The list of vaccines opening the door to Slovenia include:
    • BioNTech/Pfizer
    • AstraZeneca
    • Moderna
    • Johnson & Johnson
    • Russian Gamele (Sputnik V)
    • Serum Institute of India AstraZeneca
    • Chinese Sinovac Biotech and Sinopharm
  • If you recently recovered from a COVID infection, you can show a certificate of a positive PCR test older than ten days but not older than six months

If you tick off all the requirements, you can go and enjoy your stay in this beautiful country.

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