How to Claim Diet Pill Free Trials without Getting Charged

Get Free Trials & Don't Get Charged How to Claim Diet Pill Free Trials without Getting Charged

Sign Up for Skinny Pill Free Trial Without Getting Charged


Skinny Pill is one of the leading medications intended for users' weight loss and is sold in various shops, including Lose Fat Gain Life M&B and other retail stores. Though not a common drug in major pharmaceutical stores and drug stores, most users believe in its effectiveness since it was first used.

Does Skinny Pill Offer a Free Trial?

No, it doesn't. All drug stores and manufacturers do not offer a skinny pill free trial. Since the drug is not as prevalent as it used to be previously, it is almost rare, meaning sellers want to make profits from its sales. There are no free trial periods and no limited features since it is a drug without a subscription.

How Can You Get a Skinny Pill Free Trial?

As previously mentioned, it is impossible to get a skinny pill free trial since none exists. The drug is sold simply as an over-the-counter medication, meaning no prescription or subscription. If you want to reduce your expenses when buying the pills, you can watch out for discounts and coupons.

DoNotPay can help you find discounts and coupons. However, you may need to purchase the skinny pills using your credit card details or any other form such as cash or debit card.

  1. Walk into any drug store
  2. Order the drug
  3. Pay via your credit card

Does Skinny Pill Free Trial Automatically Renew Into a Paid Subscription?

No. Skinny Pill doesn't have a free trial. However, some drug stores tend to sell their drugs in the form of subscriptions:

  • As a patient, you pay a monthly fee
  • The drug vendor sends you a regular package depending on your prescription

In such a case, the subscription may automatically renew, whether or not there was a free trial. Since Skinny Pill doesn't have a free trial, there is no automatic renewal.

However, if you are purchasing the Skinny Pill or other drugs as a subscription, you need to cancel the subscription before the end of your subscription period—in most cases, at least 24 hours before the end of the subscription.

Fortunately, if you forget to cancel your subscription and get charged, you may request a refund, which you get only at the service provider's discretion. DoNotPay can help you claim your skinny pill refund in case you forget to cancel on time and get charged.

Avoid Automatic Renewals With DoNotPay's Virtual Credit Card

Most people tend to forget to cancel their subscriptions—whether free trials or normal subscriptions. Skinny Pill doesn't have a free trial, meaning less worry about automatic renewals. However, if you purchase the drug via a subscription, failure to cancel your subscription on time leads to being charged for unwanted drugs.

Therefore, if you are at a high risk of forgetting to cancel, you can rest assured that DoNotPay will cancel your skinny pill subscriptions on your behalf and on time using one of the several virtual credit cards. How does this work?

  1. DoNotPay generates random credit card details and a number that you use to sign up for any subscription or service.
  2. As soon as the free trial expires, the subscription provider will no longer be able to charge you since DonotPay's free virtual credit card you signed up with doesn't have money.
  3. The product or service provider then removes you from the subscription automatically.

How Much Does Skinny Pill Cost After a Free Trial?

Different drug stores have different prices for their products. However, the general average price of the Skinny Pill across drug vendors ranges from $35 to $50. Check with your local drug store or vendor for accurate price depictions.

What Are the Popular Alternatives to Skinny Pill?

Are you skeptical about Skinny Pill for personal reasons? If so, there are several alternatives you can purchase over the counter to help your weight-loss journey. Below are the top Phentermine (drugs used to treat obesity—or weight loss) that you can try if you don't want the Skinny Pill:

PhenQIt is generally the best overall choice for weight loss. Made by the reputable supplement manufacturer Wolson Berg, this drug does a lot more to help your weight. It suppresses your appetite and boosts your metabolism while stopping fat accumulation at the source.You can purchase a single bottle of the same for $69.95.
PrimeShredIt is marketed as the best diet pill for men made in the UK. The drug claims to promote weight loss while also assisting in muscle-mass retention. It advertises several benefits, such as fat loss without a corresponding loss in strength or muscle gain.You will pay $50 for one bottle of these supplements.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

DoNotPay is an expert robot lawyer with experience in several fields. In addition, DNP deals with endless complaints and issues between service providers and clients. Besides signing you up for free trials without getting charged, DoNotPay can also help you to:

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