Do You Need a Singapore Tourist Visa From the USA?

Tourist Visa Guide Do You Need a Singapore Tourist Visa From the USA?

Singapore Tourist Visa From the USA—All You Wanted To Know

Looking forward to your upcoming trip to Singapore must be fun, but have you already checked all the criteria you must meet to visit the country? Most world destinations require a visa to let you pass the borders or at least provide a list of entry requirements you should comply with. For this reason, it’s necessary to keep up with the latest updates when it comes to these regulations.

If you don’t know whether you need a Singapore tourist visa from the USA or can’t find reliable information online, we’re here to help you! Besides learning everything about entering this marvelous country, you can use DoNotPay to ensure a smooth tourist visa application for any destination. Read this article and find out how!

Do You Need To Apply for a Singapore Tourist Visa for U.S. Citizens?

Singapore doesn’t require travelers from the USA to have a tourist visa when visiting the country and staying for less than 90 days. If you are a U.S. citizen, you can pass the borders with a valid passport only, provided that it:

  1. Remains valid for at least six months after your trip
  2. Has at least two blank pages at the moment of arrival

What Are the Singapore Entry Requirements for U.S. Travelers?

Besides a passport, you also need to provide several other documents to enter Singapore, including:

  • Booked flight confirmation—a copy of your return or onward airplane ticket
  • Evidence showing you have sufficient financial assets to maintain yourself during your trip
  • Yellow Fever vaccination evidence—if you are coming from one of the high-risk countries
  • Visa or suitable entry permission for the next destination you want to visit—if you are traveling to multiple countries

Are There Any Entry Restrictions Due to COVID-19?

Here are some COVID-19 restrictions and regulations in Singapore you must be aware of:

  • Obtaining a SafeTravel pass is mandatory for U.S. citizens due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases. Generally, the officials at the airport won’t let you enter the country if you don’t present this permission or an approval letter of entry issued by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority
  • Showing a negative COVID-19 PCR or serology test conducted within the last three days is mandatory
  • Getting a stay-home notice (SHN) proposing a quarantine that lasts for 14 days is likely to happen, and you must get tested once again during your stay in quarantine facilities. Failing to comply with the quarantine rules and other proposed restrictions is punishable under Singaporean law. Fines you may be subject to if you breach your SHN can reach $10,000, or you can go to jail for six months or more
  • Getting other health screening checks during your stay isn’t necessary if both of your tests come out negative
  • Adhering to movement restriction rules that some other countries have doesn’t apply to Singapore as it currently doesn’t have an active curfew, nor does it propose any delays in commercial flights or public transport operations

How To Contact a Singapore Embassy or Consulate in the USA

Depending on your location, you will need to contact an appropriate visa-issuing authority, such as a Singaporean embassy or consulate, for all your concerns and queries. Besides extending and issuing visas for travelers who need them, these institutions can also help you get updated info about the travel propositions.

The table below lists all existing authorities that can help you, their locations, and contact details:

InstitutionLocationPhone Number
Embassy of SingaporeDistrict of Columbia(202) 537-3100
General Consulate of Singapore in Los AngelesCalifornia(310) 373 7622
Consulate of Singapore in San FranciscoCalifornia(415) 543-4775
Consulate of Singapore in New York CityNew York(212) 826-0840
Permanent Mission of Singapore to the United Nations in New York CityNew York(212) 826-0840
Honorary Consulate General in MiamiFlorida(305) 858-4225

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