The Fastest Way to Connect With Simply Be Customer Service Agents

Jump the Phone Queue for Any Company The Fastest Way to Connect With Simply Be Customer Service Agents

How to Reach Simply Be Customer Service Without Waiting on Hold

Simply Be was founded in 1999, and since then, the company has been a leading online fashion retailer in the UK. The company caters to women aged 25-45 in sizes 12 to 32. If you have a complaint, you can always reach Simply Be customer care through a call or other secondary means like social media platforms. 

You are not guaranteed to get an instant response due to the high caller rate; thus, you will be kept waiting until your time to be served reaches. Luckily, you can skip the long queue by using DoNotPay, tailored to connect you to a human customer care agent seamlessly.

Simply Be Customer Support Contact Details

If you want to reach the customer service of a business your first resort is to go online and look for it. But what if it’s like Amazon where there are a lot of numbers to call.  How sure are you that you are calling the right number related to your concern?  Cutting some of your online search short, here is where you can reach Simply Be Customer Support.

Simply Be Customer Support
WebsiteContact Us
Phone Number0345 071 9018

0345 026 3900

0345 026 3899
FacebookSimply Be

If you have a complaint regarding the purchase and delivery of goods, you can contact the company through the retail complaints number; 03450263900. For complaints about credit accounts and other financial services, you should contact the company financial service complaints at 03450263899.

Simply Be has also provided email addresses to contact them if you have a concern.

Sometimes the company experiences high calling traffic; in this case, your call will be put on hold until your turn reaches. The company customer agents are on standby from 8 am to 7 pm.

Kindly note that at Simply Be, customer care service is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Thus, you may need to wait a long time before you speak to a representative. You are advised to give all your details in one ticket for faster service. Creating multiple tickets is discouraged since it slows down the customer response process.

Can I get a Faster Response from Simply Be?

Making a direct call to the company's customer care will not guarantee you a faster response. Its customer support team is rumored to respond faster to complaints posted on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

You cannot also get a faster response through the company automated chat system. You need to initiate a chat session and have all your questions answered appropriately.

Common Reasons Why People Contact Simply Be

Consumers mainly contact Simply Be customer service for several reasons, including

  1. Inquire about an order
  2. How to make payment on your account
  3. How to arrange for order return
  4. How to apply for a credit card and shop with the company
  5. Ask about a promotion code and other helpful information
  6. Ask how to track your order and further delivery options
  7. Inquire about updating your details as well as your credit information
  8. Inquire about how to pay your debt, including how to get financial support in case you are struggling.
  9. Ask how to return and cancel an item
  10. Inquire about the company reward programme

Simply Be Corporate Address

Simply Be provides you with two corporate addresses, which include

  1. Delivery Complaints address
  2. Credit complaints address

Delivery Complaint Address

If you don't feel like calling the company customer care, you can write down your complaint and send it through:

Complaints Department

JD Williams

40 Lever Street

Manchester M1 IBB

Make sure to provide the following information along with an explanation of your complaint

  • Name
  • Account address
  • Account number
  • Other contact details

Credit Complaints Address

If your credit-related complaint has not been resolved successfully, you can refer your complaint to the address below

The Financial Ombudsman Service

Exchange Tower

London E149SR

How Long Will This Take?

Your complaint receipt will be confirmed after five working days and resolved in four weeks. If your complaint is complex, it might take longer, but the company will let you know when to expect a response.

Can You Sue Simply Be in a Small Claim Court? 

Yes. If you feel you haven't got justice, you can report the complaint to a small claim court. It is advisable to hire an attorney to represent you in court.

Learn How to Contact Simply Be Customer Care on Your Own 

The primary means of contacting Simply Be customer care is through a phone call. You can also get them using other secondary means, including

  • Live chat
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Email
  • Post address

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