How to File a Formal Complaint Against Simply Be Hassle-Free

File a Complaint Against Any Company How to File a Formal Complaint Against Simply Be Hassle-Free

How to File a Formal Complaint Against Simply Be Hassle-Free


Complaints about the UK home goods and clothing retailer Simply Be are nothing new. One of 20 brands owned by JD Williams, the brand's goal is to help plus-sized women find their "perfect fit". Based on online reviews, the brand has fallen short of that goal. If you had a bad experience with Simply Be that you want to complain about keep reading to find out how you can report your complaint. That is not all you can learn about in this article. One of the options we discuss for filing a Simply Be complaint is the complaints UK product from DoNotPay, but there is so much more you can do using DoNotPay's products. After we discuss Simply Be complaints you can check out some of the other things DoNotPay can handle on your behalf. Or here are some more articles from the complaints UK product series.

Common Complaints From Customers Of Simply Be

The parent company of Simply Be, JD Williams has been in business since the late 19th century. Unfortunately for Simply Be, all of that experience has not taught the company much about providing good customer service. One UK review website has 163 reviews for the company and the average rating is 2.9 stars. Simply Be is not accredited through the BBB, and the company has a rating on their site of D-. Common complaints often center on poor customer service, but other common complaints include:

  • Excessive spam email
  • Being left on hold for long periods
  • Overpriced products
  • Poor quality clothing

Methods of Contacting Simply Be to File a Complaint

Filing a complaint with the company directly may offer a resolution to your issue but as the reviews point out, customer service is not one of the company's strengths. These are the contact methods available for filing a complaint directly with the company.

Delivery, Goods, and Customer Service Complaints

When you need to file a complaint that concerns goods purchased, delivery, or the customer service you received you can use this contact information. Be prepared to summarize your complaint and have account information available.

Ways to Contact Simply Be Customer Support
OnlineSimply Be Website
EmailSend a message
Phone NumberUK 0345-026-3900  US 1 (877) 407-4675
Online Contact FormMake a Complaint
Mailing AddressCMT Griffin House

40 Lever St Manchester M60 6ES

Credit Account, Financial Services, Insurance Complaints

Complaints that concern a credit account, financial services, or insurance can be filed using this contact information. Be prepared to summarize your complaint and have account information available.

File a Complaint By Post

When filing a complaint by post it is important to include your name, address, account information, and a summary of the complaint. The company claims that you should receive confirmation that your complaint was received within five days and a resolution should be reached within four weeks. If no resolution has been reached after eight weeks you will be directed to contact the financial ombudsman. The Ombudsman Address is Complaints Department JD Williams- 40 Lever Street, Manchester, M11BB.

Other Options When Your Simply Be Complaints Are Unresolved

If you are unsatisfied after contacting Simply Be about your complaint you have a couple of options that may offer some recourse and help you to feel heard even if they are unable to resolve the issue.

1. Financial Ombudsman

If you fail to resolve your complaint with Simply Be you can contact the financial ombudsman. They may be able to investigate your complaint if it is not too old and you have not begun a court action already. The ombudsman is appointed and their decision is expected to be impartial, you can request an investigation using the form online.

2. Alternative Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution without going to court. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) was intended to boost consumer confidence by enabling them to seek dispute resolution that is low-cost and easy. Arbitration and mediation are two forms of ADR that you can seek and you can do so using the online form.

3. Small Claims Court

If you are unable to resolve your issue through other channels you can send a formal letter of dispute that demands resolution. If there is no response by the date you state in your demand letter then you can file a claim in small claims court as long as you are seeking less than £10,000. A claim form can be filed at the courthouse or online by downloading the form.

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