A Simple Home Repair Contract Template Is Not a Simple Solution

Standardized Legal Documents A Simple Home Repair Contract Template Is Not a Simple Solution

Simple Home Repair Contract Template–Is It That Simple To Draft the Agreement?

Do you want to make improvements to your home but are reluctant to hire a contractor without a written agreement? Is resorting to a simple home repair contract template a good idea? 

Creating legal documents might seem intimidating, but it’s quite easy. Whether you’re looking for information on how to write a contract or how legalities work, you’ve come to the right place! DoNotPay dissects home repair contract templates and offers help in creating various legal documents.

What Is a Home Repair Contract?

A home repair contract is an agreement between the homeowner and home repair contractor when the former decides to remodel or repair their property. The contract establishes the relationship between the owner and the contractor and determines payment schedules, deliverables, and the overall pricing of the improvement project.

Requirements vary throughout the U.S., but some states make it obligatory for the contractor to show a HIC home improvement certification before initiating the contract. The certification proves the contractor has enough expertise and the credentials to work on the project.  

All home repair contracts must adhere to the Home Repair and Remodeling Act (HRRA) and the applicable state laws to improve communication between the involved parties.

What Projects Require a Home Repair Contract?

A home repair agreement can help if you’re planning on repairing, improving, remodeling, or altering any part of your residential property. This refers to the improvement of both the interior and the exterior, including driveways, swimming pools, patios, porches, and basements.

A home repair contract is not applicable to the following projects:

  1. New construction
  2. Projects with an overall cost of less than $500
  3. Installation of a fire alarm or burglary system

How To Create a Home Improvement Contract Yourself

If you want to create a home repair contract yourself, you can look up contract templates online and adjust them to a particular project. Don’t copy-paste the entire contract because online templates can be outdated and might not suit your specific requirements.

Here’s a list of crucial terms you should add to your document:

  1. The names and addresses of both parties
  2. The duration of the contract, including the approximate start and end date
  3. A clause for penalizing missed completion dates by either canceling or deducting payment. It can also state the amount of time a landlord must allow before pushing legal action if the timeline is not adhered to
  4. Details of the home repair plan
  5. The estimated cost of the project
  6. Payment plan including the down payment, payment schedule, and amount to be paid per schedule
  7. Legal permit obtained from the governing authority to carry out the home improvement project
  8. Termination clause if one party decides to end the contract with or without reason
  9. Protection from liability
  10. Signature of the respective parties 

Are There Any Legal Consequences if a Party Breaches the Contract?

All home improvement contracts are legally binding. A breach of contract occurs when one party fails to honor the agreement. There are two types of breaches:

  1. Major breach, potentially leading to a lawsuit and legal action
  2. Minor breach, which is a slight deviation from the contract and does not have legal consequences

There are various ways to violate the contract, such as poor performance or schedule delays. In case of violation, the non-guilty party is entitled to legal remedies, including the following:

Legal remediesBrief explanation
Monetary damagesThe monetary payment as follows:

  • Compensatory damages for any actual damages or injuries incurred
  • Punitive damages if the breach was intentional
  • Liquidated damages if it’s difficult to estimate the losses
RescissionEffectively canceling the agreement and voiding all contractual obligations of the parties
ReformationThe parties “restart” the contract after making modifications to it to make it reflect the original intention of the agreement better
Specific performanceA court order to carry on the terms of the contract as before because monetary damages are inadequate for the situation and cannot remedy the injured party properly

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