Skip Waiting on Hold for Silentnight's Customer Service Agents

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Skip Waiting on Hold for Silentnight's Customer Service Agents

Silentnight Beds is arguably the biggest manufacturer of beds and mattresses in the UK. To ensure quality, Mattresses and headboards undergo tests for durability, cleanliness, chemical safety, and flammability. But should you have concerns about their products or service delivery, you can contact Silentnight customer service through their established avenues.

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Silentnight Support Contact Number and Email

You can contact silent customer service in various ways for products under the Silentnight group banner.

For general enquiries, you can write to the following address:

Long Ing Business Park

Long Ing Lane



BB18 6BJ

Alternatively, you could try their Manchester digital office using the address below.

Silentnight Group Limited

Suite 104, Sunlight House

Quay Street


M3 3JZ

If you want to contact them for general enquiries, you could also use the details listed in the table.

Silentnight Telephone01282 813051
Silentnight Fax01282816840

The exact details are applicable when calling regarding quality assurance, contract sales, and when you want to purchase a product from Silentnight. Their customer response team may also get back to you if you call them on 0333 123 0892 or email them at

Alternative Ways to Resolve Customer Service Complaints

If you raise your concerns with the Silentnight customer service and fail to respond within eight weeks, or the issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, you can seek audience with alternative bodies that have been established to hear you out, as is your right as a consumer.

National Bed Federation (NBF)

The NBF is the trade association representing bed and mattress manufacturers. Silentnight is a member of NBF and is subject to the trade association's code of conduct. Therefore, if you have a complaint regarding product safety, cleanliness of fillings, or other issues, you can contact the National Bed Federation for resolution.

Their contact details are as listed below:

  • Email

  • Telephone

01756 799 950

  • Fax

01756 798 789

You could also chat with them on their website, where you will give your name and email address and type your complaint before going ahead and submitting it. Where they determine your issue is valid but cannot directly resolve it, they could pass it to their alternative dispute resolution scheme, such as the furniture and home improvement ombudsman.

The furniture and Home Improvement Ombudsman

While Silentnight is not directly affiliated with this dispute resolution scheme, their trade association, the National Bed Federation, acknowledges an association with the Furniture and Home improvement ombudsman, which means you can reach out to them with complaints regarding Silentnight.

You could call them on 0333 241 3209 or compose an email and send it to

They will then follow the following steps in resolving the issue.

1.    Assign you a reference number

Once they have received your case, they will give you a reference number such as Q34678, which you will use in all your subsequent contacts.

2.    Review your case

They will then go ahead and look at the facts of your case to determine whether it is within the realm of cases they handle, and if it is, they will conduct further investigation and get back to you. If it isn't within their jurisdiction, the handler could direct you to the body best placed to handle your issue.

3.    Response

If they decide to take up your case, they will contact Silentnight to request a formal response to your complaint. Afterwards, the ombudsman will contact you as well as representatives of Silentnights informing you of the way forward.

4.    Investigation

The ombudsman will then examine the evidence presented by both parties and consider the rights and obligations enshrined in law to determine what is fair, reasonable, and practical. They may terminate the case if they believe you have no sufficient grounds to make the complaint or ask you for more evidence to support your assertions.

5.    Conciliation

If the issue gets to this stage, the ombudsman will request you and Silentnight to reach an agreement, and if you arrive at an amicable solution that serves both parties, the case will be settled.

6.    Adjudication

If you disagree with Silentnight, it will be upon the ombudsman to make a final determination based on the evidence provided. Should it be in your favour, the decision is binding on Silentnight, and they will have no choice but to remedy you as directed.

If you believe the outcome was unfair, you can pursue the complaint with an organisation or take legal action in a court of law.

Common Reasons People Contact Silentnight support

You could contact Silentnight for any of the following issues.

  • To review the status of your delivery
  • Enquire about postcode restrictions
  • To return a product
  • Enquire about available payment plans
  • Find a retailer

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