Not Feeling Safe in Your Own Home? Learn About the Signs of Drug Dealing Neighbors

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Signs of Drug Dealing Neighbors—When Should You Be Worried?

Due to the vicinity of your homes, your neighbors’ activities can affect your life as well. If you are lucky, the nearby residents may only be annoying, and solving the issues won’t be much trouble. In other cases, the situation can be a lot more serious, such as making or selling drugs. This article will cover all the signs of drug dealing neighbors and offer solutions to this problem.

Clear Signs Your Neighbor Is a Drug Dealer

Before you call the police or take any other action, you should make sure that there is enough evidence that your neighbors are selling drugs. Check out the table below for all the red flags you should watch out for:

Potential Sign Your Neighbor Is a Drug DealerExplanation
Having too many visitorsA significant amount of foot traffic can be a sign of your neighbor’s clients coming over to get the drugs. You should also pay attention and see if many new faces keep on going to the property and making quick visits
Living a good life despite not having a jobIn case you know that your neighbor does not have a job but they keep on buying expensive items, it could be a sign of getting money from illegal sources
Having a house that looks suspiciousSometimes the property the neighbor lives in looks fishy on its own. Black-out window covers on all the time, high fences blocking the view, and smell coming from the house are good indicators of illegal activities
Leaving drug paraphernalia around the propertyIf you see syringes and small plastic bags near the neighbor’s house, consider it a red flag. You should also be worried if you notice chemical containers in your neighbor’s trash (signs of meth production)
Being involved in gang activitiesIf your neighbor is a member of a gang taking part in dangerous activities, chances are high that they may be dealing drugs as well

If these signs sound familiar, you need to do something to protect yourself and your family.

What Should I Do if I Think My Neighbors Are Dealing Drugs?

In case you can tick off most of the signs of drug dealing neighbors, you should start thinking about further actions. Here is what you can do when you suspect your neighbor is a drug dealer:

  • Contact the landlord of the property if it is being rented—In case you suspect the tenant is selling weed or any type of drug at their apartment, the first step should be informing their landlord
  • Start a neighborhood watch—If you are worried about your safety, other neighbors likely feel the same way. Documenting all activity connected to the suspected drug house with the help of other nearby residents is a great way to collect evidence
  • Call the police—When you feel endangered by the activities happening on the property near your house, it is time to involve the law enforcement

In other situations involving problematic neighbors, the common first step is to approach the person and communicate the issue. When it comes to drug dealing and other illegal activities, you should skip this approach for your own safety.

DoNotPay can help you send a demand letter for numerous other less serious issues caused by your neighbors.

Use DoNotPay To Point Out the Consequences of Bad Behavior to Your Neighbors

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  1. in any web browser
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Other Reasons You Should Consider Reporting Your Neighbors

Even if going back home after work does not involve stepping on a syringe or avoiding potential bullets, neighbors can still find a way to annoy you. They are usually most creative when it comes to being noisy. Take a look at the list of reasons when you should consider filing a complaint:

  1. Pets—dogs constantly barking or being aggressive or cats pooping in your yard
  2. Noise—having loud sex, stomping around the apartment, having noisy toddlers
  3. Stealing—Wi-Fi, water, packages
  4. Harassmentbeing too nosy, watching you, or stalking you

can write a letter to noisy neighbors and tell you how to document harassment and deal with other problems in a legal manner. If necessary, you can check out our guide on when it is advisable to take your neighbors to court.

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