Should I Trademark My Logo or Not? Find Out Now!

Trademark Registration Should I Trademark My Logo or Not? Find Out Now!

Should I Trademark My Logo? DoNotPay Has All the Answers

A lot of effort and creativity goes into designing a logo. Why risk hard work getting stolen by others when you can trademark your logo to protect it? Registering your logo as a trademark will not only safeguard your business but also protect your legal rights in case of a trademark infringement.

Find answers to many questions such as “Should I trademark my logo or not?” in this guide. DoNotPay has all the info you need about whether registering a trademark is the best option for your business. We also provide helpful insights on:

The Fundamentals of a Trademark

A trademark is a word or mark that makes your business and products stand out from other products in the market. It is different from a service mark, which offers protection only to services. Trademarks can include any of the following:

A trademark serves the purpose of protecting your brand’s identity from infringement. It prohibits others from copying your ideas to use for their own business or profit.

Logo Trademark Protection Types

There are three types of trademarks that can be used to protect logos:

  1. Federal trademarks—Although registering a federal-level trademark can be expensive, it has the highest level of protection and can protect your business anywhere in the United States
  2. State-level trademarks—You can register a state-level trademark if you are not looking to expand your business but want to secure your brand in your state. It is more affordable than the federally registered trademark
  3. Common law trademarks—Common law trademarks are unregistered trademarks and become applicable as soon as you start using the logo. You do not need to register it with any authority, but this type of trademark cannot provide protection if someone infringes on your brand

Do I Need To Trademark My Business Name and Logo?

Although it is not legally required, you should still consider trademarking your business name and logo and allowing your brand to:

  • Build a unique identity around your name and logo
  • Prevent your loyal customer base from being stolen by other businesses
  • Add value and earning potential to your business
  • Get exclusive rights to use, copy, and profit from the trademark
  • Stand out in the market
  • Get protection against any sort of infringement

The Cost of Trademarking a Logo

The cost of trademarking a logo depends on many factors, such as:

Factors Description
Electronic application option You have two options to file your application:

  • TEAS Plus (specifying a trademark class or classes)—$250
  • TEAS Standard (not specifying a trademark class or classes)—$350
Number of trademark classes Each trademark class has a separate fee, and selecting multiple classes will increase your registration cost
Legal help If you choose to seek an attorney, their charges can range from $200 to $2,000
Renewal fees Unlike copyrights, trademarks expire after ten years. Every renewal costs $525 per trademark class

What Is the Process of Trademarking a Logo?

Before starting the process, you should get familiar with the trademarking requirements. You need to follow these steps to file a trademark:

  1. Search the USPTO database to confirm the availability of your trademark. The Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) contains all federal-level trademarks. If the logo you want to use has already been taken, you must change yours before applying
  2. Select the trademark class for the goods and services you offer. You can choose from 45 classes and even have the option to select multiple classes for a single product
  3. Enter details in the trademark application form, including:
    1. Your name, address, state, and contact information
    2. Trademark design and description, with separate black and white and colored versions
    3. Information about your business
    4. Chosen trademark class(es)
    5. Your signature, confirming that you agree to the information you entered
  4. Pay the trademark application fees

The USPTO will take approximately six to eight months to process your application. Once your trademark is registered, you can use it publicly for business or commercial use.

How Can DoNotPay Help Me With Trademarking My Logo?

The trademarking registration process is long and tedious. A single error in the application process can lead to rejection. We can help you throughout the registration process with minimal effort on your end.

Here is what you need to do after signing up for DoNotPay:

  1. Navigate to the Trademark Registration product
  2. Provide details about your logo
  3. Answers a few questions about your business
  4. Pay the USPTO application fee

We will forward your application to the USPTO. Our app will also send you a tracking number so that you can stay up to date with your application status with ease.

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