Should I Get a Divorce—Learn To Read the Signals

Divorce Settlement Agreement Should I Get a Divorce—Learn To Read the Signals

Should I Get a Divorce? The Warning Signs

Have you felt like your marriage is on the rocks for some time now? Giving up on a partnership is never easy, especially if you’ve invested a lot of years and effort into the relationship. You might have been thinking about calling it quits, but you’re not quite sure if you should take the plunge.

In this article, DoNotPay will explore the signs that may indicate your marriage is beyond repair. Answer the “Should I get a divorce?” question and get helpful tips on how to execute a low-cost divorce!

How Do I Know if I Should Get a Divorce?

Deciding if you should get a divorce depends on numerous factors. While every couple is different, there are common signs indicating that the marriage is not working. Take a look at the table below for more details:

Signs Description
Increasing self-doubtYour partner may not prioritize you anymore or make you feel like everything wrong in the relationship is your fault. If they’re unwilling to share the responsibility for the marriage, maybe they shouldn’t be in it
Lack of effort on both sidesIf you or your partner are no longer interested in trying to make the marriage work (e.g., going to marriage counseling or reigniting the spark), it may be time to call it quits
Less face-to-face timeSpending more time at work than with each other may be a signal that you’ve begun distancing
Communication issuesIf you and your spouse don’t actively listen to each other or acknowledge each other’s needs and feelings, it may trigger both of you to look for understanding elsewhere
Unrealistic expectationsYou or your partner may be unable to adapt to changes in your marriage, which can lead to disappointments
Different views regarding futureIf you and your partner have different ideas of married life and neither is willing to compromise, you may have a problem
Lack of respectConstantly feeling rejected and disrespected by your partner often leads to resentment or even contempt
Serial cheating or domestic violenceA definite sign the marriage is not working is if your safety is endangered or your partner keeps seeing other people behind your back
Emotional exhaustion or depressionIf you feel emotionally exhausted or depressed, it’s time to contemplate divorce

I Want To Get Divorced—What’s My Next Move?

If you’ve decided divorce is the way to go, you should think about making it as painless as possible. The best course of action would be to work out the terms with your spouse and avoid courts. Dragging the divorce will only leave you bitter, exhausted, and with empty pockets.

If your and your spouse’s goal is to end the marriage on a friendly note, you should file for an uncontested divorce. It implies you have agreed on issues such as:

  1. Child support
  2. Division of property
  3. Child and spousal support
  4. Life and health insurance
  5. Issues related to religion or education

Wondering what filing for an uncontested divorce entails? Take a look at the table below for further clarification:

Standards Details
Meeting residential and other requirementsMany states dictate that:

  • One or both spouses have to live for a specific period in the state where they’re filing (typically six months)
  • You should file for divorce according to the regulations of the county you reside in
  • There has to be a specific cooling-off period or separation period before filing
Serving your spouseYou have to serve a summons and complaint to your spouse and wait for them to file a response to your complaint or petition
Filling out and filing the appropriate paperworkDivorce papers you typically need to file are:

  • Affidavit of service for the documents served
  • Income, spousal support, and child support forms
  • Parenting plan (in some states)
  • Divorce settlement agreement (you can sign up for DoNotPay and get it right away)
  • Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law
  • Statements by each spouse
  • Judgment of Divorce
  • Other uncontested divorce papers required by your state

Want To Get Divorced? Speed Up the Process With DoNotPay

A divorce settlement agreement is not to be taken lightly. It should define the terms of your divorce in an unambiguous way, which is why an attorney’s assistance is often required.

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Here are the steps you are required to take:

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You should have your divorce settlement agreement notarized to add to its validity.

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