Should I Get a Divorce Lawyer? Answered by DoNotPay

Should I Get a Divorce Lawyer? DoNotPay Has the Answers

If you’ve decided to end your marriage, you’re most likely asking yourself, “Should I get a divorce lawyer?” The answer depends on the type of divorce you’re getting and how much you want the procedure to cost and last. DoNotPay has prepared a guide to help you with the decision! We’ll show you how to get divorced without a lawyer and without spending a fortune!

Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer?

Couples who agree on certain legal issues and get an uncontested divorce don’t need to hire a lawyer. Those who opt for a contested divorce should hire a professional as they will need assistance in court.

Should I Get a Contested or Uncontested Divorce?

An amicable separation is always a better option. We listed a few benefits of an uncontested marriage termination:

  • The cost of the procedure—An uncontested divorce is much cheaper than a contested divorce because it can usually be completed by only paying filing fees. If you get a contested divorce, you will also have to pay for sky-high lawyer services. An average attorney charges anywhere from $200 to $325 per hour
  • The simplicity—A contested divorce is more complex than an uncontested divorce as you will have to:
    • Go through unpleasant and lengthy court proceedings
    • File more forms than you would with an uncontested divorce
  • The time required—An uncontested divorce is faster because you won’t need to go to numerous court hearings if you agree with your spouse. You may also skip serving divorce papers, although this step depends on your state of residence. A contested divorce might take six months of your life, whereas an uncontested divorce can be completed in a matter of weeks if the local legislation allows it

Get an Uncontested Divorce and End Your Marriage Without a Lawyer

Getting an uncontested divorce requires you to agree on the following issues with your spouse:

Reaching a compromise on the essential aspects of the divorce will ensure that the process goes smoothly. Most couples stay in a friendly relationship if the separation is amicable, which is crucial if there are children involved.

Can’t reach a middle ground with your spouse? Try divorce mediation and reach a compromise with the help of a professional.

To get an uncontested divorce, you will also need to meet your state’s residential requirements. See the table below to check your state’s divorce laws:

North CarolinaPennsylvaniaMaryland
MichiganNorth DakotaSouth Carolina
New JerseyTennesseeIowa
Washington StateMissouriColorado
UtahDistrict of ColumbiaMassachusetts
New York StateConnecticutKansas
LouisianaAlabamaWest Virginia
New MexicoGeorgiaHawaii
NebraskaNew HampshireMaine
VirginiaMontanaRhode Island
AlaskaSouth DakotaWyoming

Can You File Divorce Papers Without a Lawyer?

You can file divorce papers yourself because most forms can be found at your local county house or the official government website, so you can complete and file the documents with the county clerk. Note that you will have to pay the filing fee. If you can’t afford it, you could be able to get a fee waiver.

You will also need to file the marital settlement agreement. It’s a crucial document as it outlines the terms of the separation and post-divorce arrangements. In case you don’t want to hire an expensive lawyer to draw this contract up for you, you can:

  1. Try to write one yourself, which is a risky venture because even minor mistakes can have serious long-term consequences
  2. and get a personalized agreement in a jiffy

DoNotPay Offers a Reliable and Easy Way of Getting a Divorce Settlement Agreement

If you want a professional divorce settlement agreement that won’t cost you a fortune, DoNotPay can help! We will generate this document for you in no time, and it will:

  • Comply with your state’s divorce laws
  • Ensure that both parties get divorced on fair terms

With our app, you can get a divorce settlement agreement in a few clicks. All you have to do is:

  1. Select our Divorce Settlement Agreement product
  2. Answer our chatbot’s questions
  3. Opt for online notarization

We’ll process your request in no time and send a tailor-made settlement agreement your way. Want to have it notarized easily? Follow the link we send you via email and schedule an appointment with an online notary. Keep in mind that DoNotPay can help only if you and your partner choose an uncontested divorce.

Need additional help? Check out DoNotPay’s learning center and read our how-to guides and articles on divorce-related matters:

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