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Contact Shipt Customer Service the Easy Way

Shipt was bought out by Target in 2017 for over half a billion dollars, so it's no surprise that they have an impersonal "big box" public interface. With cost being as close to a non-issue as it gets, Shipt customer service somehow still leaves many people frustrated. Shipt customer service sends you through a maze of links and automated phone prompts, and it's hard to use their website with any but the most big-tech-compliant browser configurations.

Although Shipt offers a useful peer-to-peer service when all goes well, both Shipt shoppers and customers have reported many issues connecting with Shipt customer service. Even though Shipt is an extremely popular half-billion-dollar walkie-talkie, they only have 103 total reported employees according to their Dun & Bradstreet business filing – so it's no wonder so many people are having trouble connecting with them when they need to, or even at all. (And isn't its business model based completely on connecting people?).

To help, DoNotPay has compiled the best Shipt contact info and methods – and even better, we've created a dialer robot to get through to a real human being (assuming all 103 employees aren't out to lunch). Read on to learn more.

Shipt Support Contact Number and Email

The contact info for Shipt is pretty concise and uniform:

Shipt Contact Method205-502-2500
Phone (Alabama)205-402-2500
Phone (California)
Email (general)

The last entry is for those trying to get involved with Shipt as a shopper, and Shipt states that the only way for them to communicate with Shipt is via email. Of course, that's not the only physically possible way to contact them, but it's Shipt's stated preference.

For everything else, the main phone, chat, and support email are the contact methods Shipt variously instructs people to use for:

  • Credit card issues
  • Membership details
  • Password resets
  • App problems
  • Customers needing to convey more information to their shopper (before they start shopping)

It's also possible to contact Shipt from their app, and this is they way they prefer you to handle refunds and other order-specific issues. If anything goes wrong, though, you can (try to) contact them through the means listed above. The problem is, though:

Response Times

Response times for customers can be somewhat inconsistent, and Shipt's copy-paste response to response-time inquiries is 3–4 days (or never, for some people!).

Reasons You Might Need To Contact Shipt Customer Service

Particularly when trying to cancel Shipt subscriptions, people can experience a frustrating non-response from Shipt customer service, which is not surprising (as we covered in our free trials series). If this applies to you, you may want to simply erase your credit card info as a safety precaution – or further, notify your bank or credit card company's fraud department and instruct them to block such transactions.

Others in such a scenario experience the "non-response response", where Shipt basically ignores what you originally said and sends you through a "customer retention" routine. It might get you a(n offensively small) $5 rebate, by the way – but if you're intent on simply canceling, it's simply offensive.

Losing Money Over It

Shoppers using the half-billion-dollar company platform to work also experience response-time difficulties. Shipt customer service seems to have "pulled an Amazon" and enacted a policy of thoughtlessly siding with customers 100% of the time, – even when they might be taking advantage of their own shoppers or when the Shipt app itself was to blame for errors. In such cases, shoppers sometimes have no way to get meaningful responses when what they truly need are timely responses. This causes miscommunication for the employees, the customers, and Shipt themselves, who are often nowhere to be found.

These issues sometimes malign innocent Shipt shoppers to the point of being fired, even when the customer is actually satisfied or all the more, thrilled! ...and all due to some unthinking and robotic adherence to algorithm-based evaluations that take into account everything but the human interaction at the heart of it.

To be fair, this isn't everyone's experience with Shipt (excluding the BBB reviews, where it actually is). But it obviously happens often enough that people will spend their valuable time trying to solve the problem and report their issues for the benefit of others, even if not themselves. Therefore, if you're relying on Shipt customer service to any degree, you might need to learn everything you can about their communication system (that you have no control over and which could change at any moment). As an alternative, though, you can get the help of an automated service of your own! ...because now you've got the world's first robot lawyer on your side, and two can play at that game.

Where to Find Quick Help for Your Problems With Shipt

For those who are simply not messing around, you can reach a live Shipt representative most quickly through the following unadvertised way of connecting with a Shipt agent:

Call 205-502-2500 and press "0" four times. The original automated message will repeat, but each time you hear it, press "0" again. After the fourth time, you'll connect with a live customer service agent in Alabama.

Note that companies often alter these methods once too many people learn about them, but this works as of early 2022. If it changes, you'll need a way to figure it out without wasting your time! To simply not have to keep track of this stuff like it's an unpaid job, DoNotPay has an automated phone system designed to cut through any mind-numbing phone tree messaging system.

If you think you could resolve your issue with Shipt on your own with the right knowledge, exploring the Shipt help page could be all you need. You might as well start an online chat while you do it, and see which method helps you most quickly.

The Shipt LiveChat service seems most appropriate for the most vanilla-flavored-ice cream levels of shopping issues, but most people can figure that kind of thing out on their own. For problems that actually might necessitate some thought, you'll need a live agent – and especially if there is money on the line.

You'll be best served with a multi-pronged approach. Try as many of the following methods at the same time to see where Shipt customer service is most apt to respond on that particular day:

  1. Contact Shipt directly through the app
  2. Reach out through Shipt's Facebook & Twitter pages – it's not uncommon for companies to respond more quickly to public complaints than private messages (public image can be very motivating)
  3. Try your luck on the Shipt Reddit page or the Shipt Shoppers' Reddit page (hint: larger audiences are where negative comments make the company more vulnerable)
  4. Email Shipt at either of the addresses listed above
  5. Call Shipt (see the phone tree hack just above in this section)

For any public complaint, you should obviously only post details you don't mind being publicly visible. That said if you think it would help Shipt better help you, tell them what they need to know, with such details as:

  • Order number and time
  • Account name
  • City, state, and store
  • Concise details about the issue

Shipt's Corporate address

The Shipt corporate headquarters is located in Birmingham, Alabama, and there is another Shipt office in San Francisco, California.

Here is the main address, which is where you'll need to send legal notice and demand letters, small claims court processes, and/or legal service processes:

420 20th St N STE 100 Birmingham, Alabama [35203]

For other matters – or to get maximum exposure* with Shipt's corporate team – you can reach the San Francisco office here:

201 3rd St, 8th FloorSan Francisco, California [94103]

*Note that it's not always best to go scorched earth and contact everyone all at once. Depending on the circumstance, it may be best to go up the corporate hierarchy in order to raise your chances that they will adjust themselves. Otherwise, they could put up barriers to you from a legal standpoint.

We hope it doesn't come to that. To start, we recommend giving them a chance to save face and wording things more nicely than you might want to – but if you need to go the distance, DoNotPay can help you make the small claims court process vastly easier.

If Shipt refuses to help me, can I sue them in small claims court?

You absolutely can sue any company that refuses to address their mistakes and give you the legal remedy you deserve for any bodily harm or property damage they might have caused you. Here's how DoNotPay helps with the process:

  1. DoNotPay will generate a demand letter that you send to Shipt in an attempt to settle the matter before the court becomes necessary.
  2. If your letter goes unanswered, next you'll fill out the court forms. DoNotPay streamlines this by working alongside you, ensuring you have enough copies of the right forms, and ensuring the right documents go to the right places.
  3. After the forms are in, DoNotPay will help you file an official court complaint.
  4. You'll then serve papers on Shipt, telling them that they are being sued and for what reason.
  5. Assuming they don't try to settle at the last minute, the last step is to show up in court! DoNotPay provides you with the perfect script to help you skillfully press your claim upon the court record and compel the acting judge to give you the order you seek.

Get in Touch With Shipt Customer Service Using DoNotPay

Before you need to start lopping legal heads off with your mighty pen, let's see if a simple phone call might work instead. Since Shipt has access to your credit card – and makes liberal use of it, according to the BBB complaints – it's more than a matter of convenience to get ahold of the company in a timely fashion. Besides, your time and attention are innately valuable!

For all these reasons, DoNotPay presents our Skip Waiting on Hold service, which makes waiting on hold a thing of the past! It allows you to reach any customer service phone line and let DoNotPay wait in the phone queue on your behalf. Once a support agent picks up, DoNotPay notifies you, and you can finally get the answers you're looking for without wasting half the day.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Open your web browser and sign up for DoNotPay.


  2. Type in Skip Waiting on Hold and select the product.


  3. Search for the company you'd like to call.


  4. Click on the name of the company and have us do the work for you.


That's it! DoNotPay will let you know the instant someone picks up, so you can talk to a customer support representative without having to spend a second waiting on hold.

DoNotPay Can Help Resolve Customer Service Issues for Almost Any Company!

The bright side of homogenized commercial blight is that… a lot of these places are the same! That means that we can apply the same methods throughout the corporate world, and give their yes-men a run for their money. With DoNotPay, you can get a hold of most major companies in the world. Some of the most popular DoNotPay customer service tutorials at the moment include:

These are just the tip of the iceberg, and if we don't yet have an article for the exact company you need to reach, the chances are that we have other services and articles that can remedy your situation without needing to contact them. All in all, we hope that the general principles behind dealing with Shipt customer service will help you more broadly contend with customer service departments all over.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

With such robotized business practices dictating things out of usefulness, why not enlist the help of an administrative-legal-financial robot of your own? DoNotPay helps well beyond customer service issues, such as:

It's not necessary to let these or any other issues get you down. You can do all this and more for less than a dollar a day!

Want your issue solved now?