Drafting a Shared Parenting Agreement Made Easy

Standardized Legal Documents Drafting a Shared Parenting Agreement Made Easy

How To Make a Shared Parenting Agreement With No Fuss

If you need a shared parenting agreement but know little about making legal documents or contracts—sit tight. DoNotPay will help you understand this agreement in detail and make one based on your unique circumstances in a matter of minutes!

Shared Parenting Agreement Explained

A shared parenting agreement—also known as shared parenting, joint residence, shared custody, shared parenting plan, or joint physical custody—is a legal document that is usually found in a group of necessary divorce documents. It regulates important aspects of taking care of a child after the parents get separated.

The agreement exists to ensure a child has both parents equally involved in its upbringing—in terms of finances and parenting.

This document is a written agreement between parents on various matters, including:

  1. Child visitation schedule
  2. Primary residence for the child
  3. Shared responsibilities
  4. Plan reviewing and editing methods
  5. Methods of dispute if the parents disagree in the future

These terms depend on various circumstances regarding parents’ living conditions, such as:

  • Parents’ incomes and expenses
  • School distance from their homes
  • Hospital distance from their homes
  • Nature of their residences (rental or bought)
  • Extracurricular activities the child attends
  • Other children the parents may have

Can You Compose a Shared Parenting Agreement on Your Own?

Saving money on lawyers by making documents by yourself seems great until you notice a missing term or clause in your shared parenting agreement. There are plenty of templates to choose from online, but none of them are tailored to your and your child’s needs.

Don’t risk losing precious time with your child or having no say in important decisions. Make your shared parenting agreement the easy way—using DoNotPay.

Create Your Shared Parenting Agreement With DoNotPay

To create an agreement, you must have extensive legal knowledge, but DoNotPay can take that burden off your shoulders and help you draw up a shared parenting agreement in a few steps:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your browser
  2. Type in Parenting Plan as the document you need to draft
  3. Answer the questions to provide necessary information

You’ll get a custom shared parenting agreement to download, fax, or print. We can also help you get it notarized, if necessary.

Make the most of our Legal Documents servicewe will help you draft as many documents as you need, including:

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Essential Elements of a Shared Parenting Agreement

Writing a shared parenting agreement is no easy task. As if agreeing with the other parent weren’t enough of a hassle, writing down what you agreed on could prove tricky.

If you insist on writing this agreement yourself, you should be aware of the essential clauses that every shared parenting agreement needs to have:

  • Parent and children information—Names and birthdates of children and parents
  • Parent-proposed terms and conditions—Decisions regarding education, religion, medical care, transportation means and schedule, procedures for potential future disputes (if needed), and possible future agreement changes (caused by repairs, vehicle loss, change of jobs, or change of residence)
  • Custody and visitation information—Holidays, vacations, regular weekly schedule, and any exceptions
  • Child support—Most states require you to file child support papers with your parenting agreement. You should include child support details, so all the information is in one place

Why Is a Shared Parenting Agreement Important?

A shared parenting agreement is essential because every child has the right to grow up with both parents close, despite them divorcing or separating. It’s also a good reminder for the parents to take responsibility for their child(ren).

Not agreeing on custody terms requires involving a mediator or judge to decide what is best for the child. Most people settle it peacefully and make a compromise to avoid complications. A well-written shared parenting agreement helps seal the compromise and protect the interests of all involved parties.

Is a Shared Parenting Agreement Legally Binding?

Like any other court-approved document, a signed shared parenting agreement is legally binding. Parents will suffer legal consequences if they disobey its terms or modify the document without consulting the other parent.

What Will Happen if Someone Breaches the Shared Parenting Agreement?

While the agreement requires both parents to obey the stated terms, any parent that violates it will be held in contempt of court. Breaking the deal means:

  • Not returning the child to the other parent in time
  • Avoiding returning the child at all
  • Not allowing your former marital partner to see the child
  • Setting your child against the other parent

Some of the penalties you can face if you’re held in contempt of court are:

  • Partial or total loss of your custodial rights
  • Compensation for civil penalties and attorney fees
  • Time in jail
  • The other parent getting more days with the child as compensation

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