Hacks That'll Save You Money on Sewer Machine Repair Costs

Quote My Repair Hacks That'll Save You Money on Sewer Machine Repair Costs

Hacks That'll Save You Money on Sewer Machine Repair Costs

Sewers are among the most important components of urban infrastructure. A proper sewer system protects the inhabitants of that area from flooding, and spreading water-borne diseases, and provides a healthier way to transport and manage liquid waste.

A broken sewer puts the whole society at risk of contracting waterborne diseases and destruction of property by the overflow of excess dirty water. Hence, a broken sewer machine should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent the spread of filth and diseases in society.

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How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Sewer Machine?

The main problem that causes a breakdown in the sewer system is clogging. Clogging occurs when items that are not meant for the septic system get flushed, build-up of chemicals such as oil and metals, or plant roots find themselves in the way of a sewer system.

The cost of sewer machine repair depends on the type of issues being fixed and the method used. Here is a table showing the average price of unclogging the main sewer machine:

National standard cost$475
Average cost range$350-$650
Low-end average$75
High-end average$2,750

The prices are estimated on a medium sewer machine fixed by hydro jetting the main sewer pipe between a house and the municipal main line.

The low-end repair price is based on having a plumber flush down the clog using chemicals, while the high-end estimate is for replacing a 10-foot section of the main sewer system due to stubborn or irreparable clogs.

The method used is determined by the type of clog in the system. Here is a table showing the average price of fixing a  sewer machine by the most popular methods:

Hydro jetting$350 - $600
Chemicals$75 - $300
Rodding$150 - $600
Snake$100 - $500
Section Replacement$50 - $150/linear foot

For a fully functional sewer system, you might need to combine two methods or more to eliminate all the clogging matter. For instance, after hydro-jetting, you might need to use chemicals to clean the system thoroughly after being clogged by plant roots growth and grease buildup.

Here is a table showing the price of fixing the sewer by type of damage experienced:

Type of ProblemCost
Belly in sewer$1,500 - $3,000
Broken sewer$1,500 - $3,000
Tree roots$100 - $600

The prices in the tables include the labor cost.

However, some technicians might charge you different labor rates, either per hour of labor or per linear foot of repaired items. Here is a table showing the average labor cost of repairing a sewer plant:

hourly rates on hourly projects$45 to $200
linear foot for labor$30 to $150 per foot
Material cost per linear foot$50 and $250
Emergency charges during non-business hours$50 to $100
Evening and holiday services$45 to $200 above standard hourly rates
Sewer system video inspection$100 to $1500

How Do I Avoid Excessive Sewer Machine Repair Fees?

If you seek to repair your sewer machine, you can use the municipal sewer maintenance services or contract an independent plumber.

The prices quotes from the municipal sewer maintenance team are rigid, with very little room for negotiation, and it might take longer than necessary to fix your sewer system. The best alternative for faster sewer repair is contacting an independent plumber.

Sample quotes from different plumbers to get the best value for your money and find one that fits your pocket. It is best to know what problem you are fixing before contacting a plumber to avoid being overpriced.

To avoid further damage to your sewer system, ask for a referral from friends and family to prove the credibility of your plumber.

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Independent plumbers have a cunning way to make you pay more for less since there is no official regulatory board for their services. If you are not careful, you might end up paying for services that you have not received or paying double for what you have received.

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