Find Out How To Make a Selling a House After a Divorce Agreement Stress-Free

Standardized Legal Documents Find Out How To Make a Selling a House After a Divorce Agreement Stress-Free

Selling a House After a Divorce Agreement in a Nutshell

Going through a divorce brings many concerns, but deciding on property division may be one of the most complicated steps. If you decide to sell the property you lived in, you must consider all crucial points and make a deal with your ex-partner. The best way to do it is to sign a suitable contract and settle the matter amicably.

In this guide, we will explain the essentials of selling a house after a divorce agreement. You will also find out how to write various legal documents without drawing them up manually or paying an arm and a leg for them!

How Do You Divide the Common Property After a Divorce?

When parting ways with your spouse, you must create a legal document specifying the way you will handle child support, divide the common real estate, and other aspects. This contract is known as a divorce or marital settlement agreement

If you decide to sell the house, this must be stated in the agreement in a specific clause related to the division of the property. Neither party can sell the house, transfer the title to someone else, or increase the mortgage if the other spouse isn’t informed about it. 

If you and your ex have a decent relationship, you can always come to a win-win agreement and solve the matter without disputes. In case you don’t reach an amicable agreement and the case goes to court, the judge will have to decide whether the property can be sold. They will consider various factors, such as:

  • Age of your children
  • Reasons for getting divorced
  • Child custody
  • Income and financial status of both parents

Do You Have To Get a Divorce Settlement Agreement Notarized To Make It Enforceable?

The parties involved must sign a divorce settlement agreement and have it notarized, but this doesn’t make the document legally binding. It must be approved by the court first—that’s the only way for it to become enforceable. 

How To Put a Divorce Settlement Agreement Into Effect

Here are the steps you should follow to create a valid marital settlement agreement and make it legally binding once you file for divorce:



Try to come up with a solution with your ex-partnerYou can hire a mediator for this purpose, but it’s not necessary if you can agree upon all the terms and conditions
Compose an agreementThere are several options:

  • Paying for a professional draft made by a lawyer
  • Editing one of the online contract templates
  • Drawing up a contract yourself
Get the document notarizedBook a meeting with a notary and have your signature and the signature of your spouse verified
Submit the contract to the court for approvalIf the judge decides to approve your contract, they will draw up a formal decree, which will make your agreement enforceable

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Unsuccessful drafts are quite a common case when it comes to writing contracts by yourself. This usually happens because people don’t have enough legal expertise to draw up a valid document covering all necessary aspects. 

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Note that, depending on your state laws, you may need to have your document notarized. Typical notarization involves many time-consuming steps, such as looking for a convenient notary, driving or walking to their office, and waiting in never-ending queues. With DoNotPay, you can skip them and get everything done remotely without a hitch! 

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