The Easy Way to Contact SECU Customer Service

Jump the Phone Queue for Any Company The Easy Way to Contact SECU Customer Service

How to Contact North Carolina SECU Customer Service Without Hassle

North Carolina's State Employees Credit Union is the largest credit union in North Carolina with 2.63 million members, 273 branches, and 1,100 ATMs.  With that many members, you are probably a SECU member or know someone who is. Even if you aren't a member, you've probably used one of their ATMs.

Regardless of what services you use, you may need to contact SECU's customer service for help.

How to Contact SECU Customer Service

The credit union suggests contacting a local branch if you have a question and has provided a locator to help find a branch close to you. The North Carolina SECU customer service has the following contact information:

SECU 24-hr Member Services888-732-8562
Ask SECU Hotline800-ASK-SECU


SECU Support
Main Branch Address1000 Wade Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27065
Corporate Address119 N Salisbury St Raleigh, NC, 27603-1739
SECU Corporate Phone 919-839-5300
SECU Branch Phone919-839-5472

When communicating over non-secure channels, do not provide account or social security numbers.

Do You Need Help?

North Carolina SECU has a help page with frequently asked questions regarding membership, member access, and more. The FAQs may not address questions such as existing interest rates or missing deposits. In those cases, you will need to contact SECU's customer service.

What If SECU Doesn't Help?

Financial institutions are regulated by state and federal agencies. If your concerns are not addressed, contact the North Carolina Credit Union Division or the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to file a complaint. Alternatively, you can let DoNotPay file the complaint for you.

Once a complaint is filed with the CFPB, they forward it and any supporting information you provide to the credit union. The CFPB works with SECU to resolve the problem, usually within two weeks. Complaint information is used to determine if there is a growing issue that should be addressed by writing better regulations or enforcing federal consumer protection laws. Complaint information may be shared with other agencies to help monitor consumer financial products and services.

Why Do People Contact SECU's Customer Service?

Non-members often contact SECU customer service to ask about membership requirements and opening an account. Members ask for help for reasons such as:

  1. Mortgage. Although some calls may be for basic information such as interest rates, most customer service contact has to do with late payments, added charges, or refinancing.
  2. Car Loan. Consumers call to find out the terms of a car loan. For example, must they trade in their existing car to receive a loan?
  3. Insurance.  Consumers may purchase life, home, auto insurance from financial institutions. Their most frequent questions revolve around the specific product and the premiums associated with the policy.
  4. Account Discrepancies. Customers contact customer service when they find a questionable transaction on their account or do not see an expected deposit.
  5. Dispute Transactions. Most consumers know to contact them if they find questionable activity on accounts associated with debit cards.

Since SECU has an array of financial products, there are hundreds of reasons why a member might need to contact customer service.

How to Contact North Carolina's SECU Customer Service Using DoNotPay

Finances are a very personal topic and people are often tense just having to talk to a financial institution. Add to that tension a long wait time for a call to be answered, and the process could start off on the wrong foot. It's not that you are an aggressive person, you are just irritated because you were on hold so long.

DoNotPay's online service will call the credit union's customer service phone number and inform you when the call is answered. This can help ease the tension of dealing with financial matters. Use the following steps to let DoNotPay do it for you.

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Now, you are free to do other important things without losing your place in line. DoNotPay will let you know the moment a human picks up the call.

DoNotPay can help solve customer service issues beyond the financial services industry. They can help with customer support for companies such as:

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What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

DoNotPay's online service does more than free you from lengthy wait times. It can help with everything from filing small claims court documents to analyzing terms of service. DoNotPay can even make DMV appointments or find missing money.

Why Use DoNotPay

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