Did You Receive a Section 21 Notice? Here Are Tenant Rights

Landlord Protection Did You Receive a Section 21 Notice? Here Are Tenant Rights

The Rights Of A Tenant When Served With a Section 21 Notice

If you have been given a section 21 notice by your landlord you must know what your rights are. The court is very specific about when a section 21 notice is valid also so you will need to validate it as well. We are going to discuss some factors that can make a section 21 notice invalid and what rights and options you have when served with one.

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What is a Section 21 Notice?

If you have been given a section 21 notice then your landlord has taken the first step in the eviction process. The landlord must still take several further steps to legally evict you including going to court. Once the landlord has served you with a valid section 21 they have six months to take the matter to court, failure to do so will result in them having to start the process over.

Who Can Get a Section 21 Notice?

A landlord obtains the section 21 notice by filing the proper paperwork, they are not required to provide a reason for requesting the notice. The landlord delivers the notice to the tenant. For the notice to be valid you must be an assured shorthold tenant, meaning you rent from a private landlord.

Is a Section 21 Notice Valid?

Several other requirements must be met for a section 21 notice to be valid in addition to the tenancy requirement. If the section 21 notice is found to be invalid then you are under no legal obligation to leave the property. Let's look at just a few of the other reasons a section 21 notice might not be valid.

  • If you find out that your deposit was unprotected or if you fail to receive information about the status of your deposit.
  • If there are mistakes in section 21 notice it is invalid.
  • The landlord filled out the wrong documents or failed to give you the proper documents when you moved in.
  • If you have a fixed-term or contractual tenancy the section 21 notice is not valid.

What Are the Steps in the Eviction Process in the UK?

The section 21 notice is the first step toward obtaining possession of the property. To legally evict you from the property there are still several steps they must take including going to court. You will have several opportunities to challenge the eviction if the section 21 notice is valid. These are the steps in the legal eviction process in the UK.

6 MonthsLandlord can go ahead with legal eviction or section 21 becomes invalid
14 daysUpon filing a possession claim for the property and granted you have this period to vacate the property.

You may request an extension from the court.

  1. If no extension is granted and you fail to leave within the 14 days the landlord can go back to court and be issued a warrant of eviction.
  2. When there is a warrant of eviction you are subject to being escorted off of the property by enforcement officers.

What Can You Do About a Section 21 Notice on Your Own?

There is very little that you can do about a section 21 notice if the notice is valid. You can potentially challenge the eviction if you have grounds to do so but the most you will likely achieve is to receive an extension due to extensive hardship. There are some options that you can try if the landlord is attempting to illegally evict you from the property or if you can prove the section 21 notice invalid.

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