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If you've gone through the time and expense of ordering a sofa made to your specifications, you want to get a hold of customer support quickly if something goes amiss with that order. DoNotPay's customer service product for SCS (Sofa Carpet Specialists) ensures that you will reach the Customer Service department promptly. 

SCS began as the Sunderland, Tyne and Wear Company back in 1894. Today they employ over 1,500 people in their nearly 100 stores throughout the UK. Though SCS takes pride in its product and service, problems still occur. Read on to discover the best way to deal with SCS Customer Service.

Contacting SCS Customer Support Through Phone and Email

SCS provides extensive hours seven days a week to contact Customer Support. You may also contact them through the Live Chat feature.

SCS Support/FAQ SiteSupport Page
SCS Phone Number 10191 731 3300
SCS Phone Number 20191 731 3000
SCS Support

Telephone - 0191 731 3300

  • Monday-Friday 9 am-8 pm
  • Saturday 9 am-6 pm
  • Sunday 10 am-6 pm

To email SCS Customer Service, you may submit a contact form here.

What Other Ways May I Handle My Issues With SCS?

Though SCS provides its customers with several methods of customer support contact, some report difficulties receiving adequate or any responses at all. As you prepare to resolve your SCS issue, make sure to document phone conversations and keep all emails and written correspondence. Consider the steps below if you continue to experience the problems with products or services:

  1. Contact the immediate supervisor of Customer Service at SCS. Continue through the chain of command up to the Head Office at SCS. You should state your complaint in writing if you need to take it to the Head Office.
  2. One of your options involves contacting an Alternative Dispute Resolution Scheme (ADR). The ADR will serve as a mediator between the customer and the company. It's important to note that the decision becomes binding when you employ an ADR if you must abide by the decision as you give up the right to advance it to an Ombudsman or Small Claims Court.
  3. If you don't go through an ADR, you may take your complaint to an independent Ombudsman or one from the company. To receive the service or advice from an Ombudsman, you must exhaust your efforts through the company's Customer Support teams and executive offices.
  4. You may also file a claim in Small Claims Court. Documentation becomes especially vital when you take your concern to court.

Head Office for SCS

If you do not achieve a satisfactory solution from the Customer Service department, you may consider taking your concern to the Head Office of SCS. Below you'll find the contact information.

Head Office Address

SCS Head Office

45-49 Villiers St

Sunderland SR1


United Kingdom

Head Office Phone

0191 731 3000

Head Office Email

Head Office Executive and Leadership Team

  • David Knight – CEO
  • Chris Muir – CFO
  • Alan Smith – Non-Executive Chairman
  • George Adams – Non-Executive Director
  • Paul Daccus – Non-Executive Director
  • Ron McMillan – Non-Executive Director
  • Angela Luger – Non-Executive Director

Common Complaints About SCS Customer Service

Some common reasons that SCS customers contact Customer Service include the following:

  • Furniture arriving damaged
  • Poor customer service response time
  • Not given the option to deal with the store or salesperson directly when something goes wrong
  • Changing delivery dates
  • Furniture delivered well after the promised date
  • Poor quality furniture that wears out quickly

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Follow the steps below to let DoNotPay connect you to the SCS Support Team:

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