Do You Need a Scoping Documents Template?

Standardized Legal Documents Do You Need a Scoping Documents Template?

Get a Scoping Documents Template That Drives Your Project Towards Success

Projects succeed or fail depending on how well they are planned. One of the most important project planning tasks involves defining the scope of the project. With a solid scoping document, everybody’s expectations can be managed successfully.

Most legal documents are difficult to create, and hiring a lawyer can get expensive. DoNotPay can help with contract templates and advice on how to write a contract. Read on to get the scoping document template you need to ensure your project is successful.

What Is a Scoping Document?

A scoping document is an agreement between the project manager or project owner and the people responsible for delivering the work, who are called delivery agents. If the delivery agents are external suppliers, the scoping document is a contract and hence should be legally enforceable.

Every project should have clearly defined goals if it is to be successful. The more exactly you define the scope of the project before you start, the better you will be able to track its success both during and after completion.

A scoping document sets out:

Scoping Document Element


Project goalsThis defines what the project aims to achieve and includes the work that should be performed as part of the project
Key deliverablesThe deliverables refer to the benefits the project manager should see as a result of the project. These could include:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Faster communication
  • Increased sales
  • Higher productivity
Timelines and milestonesIncluding the completion date and the major milestones in the scoping document means that you can make sure the project stays on track
RequirementsThe scoping document should define what resources are needed to make the project viable
Barriers to successYou should list any constraints or barriers that may affect the success of the project, as well as your plans to mitigate the risk

What Should a Scope Documents Template Look Like?

You should start your scoping document by stating the:

  • Parties to the agreement
  • Overall project description
  • Date of the agreement

The scoping document also needs to contain the following points:

  1. Expected deliverables
  2. Overall project timeline
  3. Milestones
  4. Reporting requirements
  5. Fees

Expected Deliverables

You should define what work you expect to be completed in the project clearly. The more detail you include in this section, the better you can avoid conflict during the project and after completion.

You can include the full work breakdown structure in this section.

Overall Project Timeline

This section should include:

  • Project start date
  • Target completion date
  • Breakdown of project phases with start and completion dates


You should set out what needs to happen by when to make sure the project stays on track. Milestones allow you to see the progress of the project and correct any issues before they become threats.

Reporting Requirements

You can require regular reports from the delivery agent, and you can define what these reports should contain.


You must define the fees you will pay for the work, and you can stipulate fee structures that are dependent on:

  • Milestones being reached
  • Reports being submitted on time
  • Satisfactory completion of the project

You can also build in a percentage of the full fee that is withheld until final inspection and project handover has been completed. This means that any snags you identify need to be rectified before you pay the final tranche of the project fee.

Many project managers withhold 10–20% of the full project fee until handover is completed.

What Do You Need To Complete the Scoping Document?

After you have written the project scope above, you should add the following clauses:



BreachesYou should define the situations that would represent a breach of contract. These could include:

  • Non-delivery of scope elements
  • Not reaching milestones
  • Delays caused by the delivery agent
  • Quality issues
  • Missing reports
Guarantees and warrantiesThe delivery agent should offer guarantees and warranties to ensure their work meets the standards you need and delivers against your requirements
TerminationYou can define the terms under which the contract can be terminated
Governing lawYou should define the applicable state law that governs the agreement. This will usually be the state in which the project takes place

Can DoNotPay Help With a Scoping Document?

The above template should be all you need to create a solid scoping document, but you and the delivery agent will need to sign it and have it notarized to make it legally binding.

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