How To Get Scholarships in Wisconsin

Discover and Apply for Scholarships How To Get Scholarships in Wisconsin

A Complete Guide to Scholarships in Wisconsin

Trying to find scholarships in Wisconsin can be a difficult task—you know they are there, but you have to go through numerous websites to find the one that’s just right for you. What are the available scholarships for college students in Wisconsin? What are the requirements to apply for a scholarship in Wisconsin?

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What Kind of Scholarships in Wisconsin Can You Get?

Scholarships in Wisconsin come from various sources. You are likely to find scholarships that are:

  • Provided by the state
  • Funded privately
  • Based on merit or need
  • Awarded based on extracurricular activities or community service
  • Reserved for students with extraordinary circumstances

Scholarships in Wisconsin and Their Requirements

Whether you are a high school senior or a current university student, you would probably like to graduate debt-free. Thankfully, several scholarships in Wisconsin are available to all kinds of students—regardless of whether you apply as a resident, out-of-state student, or international student.

Here are some scholarships that may interest you:

ScholarshipAwarded AmountRequirement
Carson Scholars Fund, Inc.$1,000Applicants must prove involvement in community service and a minimum 3.75 GPA. They must also be recommended by their school
State of Wisconsin Financial AidVariesFAFSA is required—eligibility is determined by assessing this application
Wisconsin Academic Excellence Scholarship$2,250 per year for four yearsApplicants must have graduated from a public or private school in Wisconsin with the highest GPA in their year. The student must be pursuing a degree at the University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Technical College, or any other eligible college in the state
Kohler Foundation ScholarshipsUp to $80,000Students must possess extraordinary artistic abilities to be eligible for the Ruth DeYoung Kohler Scholarship. Applicants for the Herbert V. Kohler Scholarship are required to demonstrate outstanding leadership abilities
WABA Scholarship Program$1,000–$2,250Students must be attending the University of Wisconsin or Wisconsin Technical College and have to be recommended by staff at their college. Nominees must submit a resume and have excellent academic records
Winnebago County Board Scholarship$1,000Applicants are required to have a minimum GPA of 2.5 and must submit a 500–800 word essay

What Other Scholarship Options Do You Have in Wisconsin?

Scholarships aren’t exclusively given out based on merit or a high GPA. While some opportunities do require a certain level of academic achievement, a large portion requires recipients to demonstrate excellence in other fields.

There are also several Wisconsin scholarships available exclusively to women, veterans, ethnic minorities, or other groups, and they are awarded based on a series of other factors.

Such scholarships include:

  • GLHF Education Scholarship
  • Korean American Scholarship Foundation-Midwestern Regional Chapter
  • Tall Clubs International Student Scholarships
  • U.S. Army Loan Repayment Program
  • Wisconsin Women's Alliance Foundation Scholarship
  • Zonta Club of Madison Young Women in Public Affairs Award
  • The Indian Student Assistant Grant
  • The Wisconsin Minority Undergraduate Retention Grant
  • The Wisconsin Women’s Alliance Foundation Scholarship
  • The Wisconsin Bakers Association Scholarship
  • The Wisconsin Women in Government Scholarship
  • The American Occupational Therapy Association
  • The Women’s Care of Wisconsin Scholarship
  • The Wisconsin Electric Security Association Scholarship
  • The Wisconsin Cattlemen’s and Cattlewomen’s Scholarship

How To Apply for Scholarships in Wisconsin

Each scholarship has its own requirements and application procedures. Applications for scholarships in Wisconsin for high school seniors, for instance, may differ from those for graduate students.

Most of these opportunities require students to submit:

  1. Scholarship essays
  2. Letters of recommendation

Since these documents can take several days to prepare, it’s best to give yourself a head start. Be sure to review the document requirements of each program thoroughly before applying. A lot of scholarship applications require you to submit original transcripts, so make sure to have a few copies at hand as the documents may not be returned to you regardless of your selection status.

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