A Simple Guide to the Best Scholarships in Nevada

Discover and Apply for Scholarships A Simple Guide to the Best Scholarships in Nevada

Scholarships in Nevada Everyone Should Know About

If you are a Nevada student in need of financial aid for your higher education but don't know where to look, finding scholarships can be challenging. To make the whole process more clear, we have prepared this comprehensive guide for you.

Whether you're a high school senior or college, graduate, or international student, DoNotPay can provide you with a list of grants and scholarships in Nevada that will fit your needs.

How To Find Nevada Scholarships

If you are planning to apply for one of the scholarships available in the state of Nevada, you can find the ones you qualify for by:

  1. Conducting an online search
  2. Speaking with your school’s college advisor
  3. Contacting state or federal grant agencies
  4. Visiting the financial aid office at the university you plan to attend
  5. Exploring scholarships awarded by local businesses, organizations, and foundations

These five methods will give results, but you should arm yourself with patience and be willing to spend hours on meticulous and tedious research.

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Who Qualifies for Nevada Scholarships?

The majority of Nevada scholarships are merit-based, but some do include a need-based component. Each scholarship has its own requirements, and students need to meet them before and after receiving the money. Some of the requirements that apply to most scholarships are:

  • Being born and raised in Nevada
  • Being a resident of Nevada
  • Having a certain GPA

Even if you aren’t a current resident of Nevada but plan to study in the state, you may be eligible for some scholarships.

What Are the Best Scholarships in Nevada?

The state of Nevada provides numerous scholarships to assist students in paying for their education. While some are based on certain interests or talents, others are designed for particular groups, such as women, transgender people, Hispanics, military children, teachers, veterans, minorities, disabled students, etc.

Some of the best and most popular scholarships in Nevada are listed in the table below:

ScholarshipAward AmountWho Can Apply?
Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship Program$5,000Upcoming college seniors with a record of community service who are pursuing an education degree. They must have a minimum 3.5 GPA and commit to teaching in Nevada after graduation
Reno Rodeo Foundation Scholarships$1,000High school seniors graduating in Northern Nevada with demonstrated financial need and a GPA of at least 3.0
Ron & Linda Smith Family Scholarship$1,000U.S. citizens residing in Northern Nevada and pursuing a degree or certificate. A GPA of 2.0 is required
UNR Presidential Scholarship$8,000 per yearFull-time incoming freshmen at the University of Nevada, Reno with high test scores and a GPA of at least 3.5
Jo Marshall Memorial Scholarship$1,000Female Republicans from Nevada
Nevada’s Otto Huth ScholarshipUp to $40,000Young people who’ve aged out of the foster system and possess a high school diploma. They have to apply before their 20th birthday and enroll full-time at an accredited Nevada college

How To Apply for Nevada Scholarships

Steps you need to take when applying for scholarships vary. Here are some general guidelines you should follow to be successful in applying for most scholarships in Nevada:

  • Submit a resume with information about your achievements, awards, community involvement, and work experience (if applicable)
  • Write a scholarship essay (usually up to 500 words; your grammar, spelling, and content quality will be evaluated)
  • Submit one to three letters of recommendation from your teacher, professor, or another relevant person
  • Deliver an official transcript of your grades—in most cases, you’ll need to have a GPA of at least 3.0 or 3.5

Make sure you send the required documentation to the financial aid office within the given deadline. Remember that each college or university has its own deadline.

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