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Get Your Creative Juices Flowing With Scholarships for Poetry

Some would say that being a poet, or any other kind of artist, doesn’t pay off. The truth is that whether you approach poetry as a hobby or want to publish your pieces someday, you can get scholarships and grants for it. The question is—where can you find scholarships for poetry?

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Who Qualifies for Scholarships for Poetry?

Students who qualify for scholarships for poetry can be:

While students typically only need to submit their portfolio to apply for scholarships for poetry, they sometimes need to meet additional requirements—including:

  1. Being academically successful
  2. Maintaining a particular grade point average (GPA)
  3. Submitting:
    1. Essays for a specific prompt
    2. Letters of recommendation
    3. A resume
    4. Personal statements or cover letters

What You Should Know Before Looking for Scholarships for Poetry

Before you start exploring scholarships for poets, you should keep the following in mind:

  • All scholarships require you to submit a different number of poems or poetry pages. The more poems you have prepared, the better
  • Many scholarships for art and creative writing apply to poets, as well
  • Some scholarships allow you to submit visual poetry only
  • Many students mistake poetry contests for scholarships—while both involve people using their poetry to win a prize, they have a distinctive set of differences

What Is the Difference Between Poetry Scholarships and Contests?

Students can only use scholarships for educational purposes, whereas poetry contest prizes can be used for anything—including educational and living expenses. Another difference is that poetry contests often charge a not-so-cheap participation fee.

Many students still opt for poetry contests as they have the liberty to use their prize however they want.

Where To Find Scholarships for Poets

Since there aren’t many scholarships for poets, finding them can be a challenge. The following resources can help you find some:

  • Your school’s English or financial aid department
  • Local and school-based poetry and literary clubs
  • Scholarship search engines
  • Organizations dedicated to helping student poets find their voice, such as:
    • Poetry Out Loud
    • The Poetry Coalition
    • Alliance for Young Artists & Writers
  • Local organizations and private donors

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Poetry Scholarships You Should Check Out

Take a look at the following table for details on the few poetry scholarships available:

The Amy Lowell Poetry Travelling ScholarshipPoets willing to spend a year outside of North America$59,000
Learn Between the Lines Scholarship SlamStudents from eighth grade to grad school planning to go to college$1,000
Just Poetry ScholarshipHigh school students
  • Two scholarships worth $500
  • One scholarship in the amount of $100 ScholarshipHigh school students in their junior year or older$500
The Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Fellowships21–31-year-oldsFive fellowships of $25,800

The Best Poetry Contests for Students

The following table provides information about some of the most rewarding poetry contests for students:

The Narrative PrizeWriters of any age or background—including minorities, international students, and legal immigrants—can apply$5,000
Scholastic Portfolio AwardsApplicants must:

  • Be graduating high school seniors
  • Submit six writings and a personal statement
  • 16 prizes of $10,000
  • 30 prizes of $1,000
The Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry
  • $20 entry fee
  • Three to ten pages of poetry
  • One $2,000 prize
  • One $1,000 prize
Leonard L. Milberg ’53 High School Poetry PrizeApplicants must be 11th-grade students
  • One $500 prize
  • One $250 prize
  • One $100 prize

DoNotPay Finds All Scholarships You Qualify For

Since there aren’t many scholarships for poetry you can apply for, you shouldn’t rely solely on them to get the financial aid you’re seeking. You can increase your chances by looking for other scholarship opportunities based on your:

  • Level of study
  • Field of study
  • Academic merit
  • Financial need
  • Hobbies and skills
  • Community service
  • Involvement in sports
  • Ethnic roots
  • Religious affiliation

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