What Are the Best Scholarships for Military Children? DoNotPay Gets You the Latest Info

Discover and Apply for Scholarships What Are the Best Scholarships for Military Children? DoNotPay Gets You the Latest Info

Scholarships for Military Children—Use Your Legacy To Fulfill Dreams

Many military families in the U.S. live close to the poverty line and struggle to put food on the table. No wonder students with a military connection face higher stress levels in education than their civilian peers.

Many organizations and schools offer generous grants and scholarships for military children and dependents to:

  • Honor the sacrifices made by their families
  • Make top U.S. universities and colleges affordable for them
  • Help them graduate debt-free

This article will help you take stock of all financial aid options available to military children and evaluate which ones are the best!

Scholarships for Military Kids and Military Dependents—Key Points

If you’re looking for scholarships that exclusively support military families, you’ll find them in three subcategories:

  1. Scholarships for military kids and grandkids
  2. Military dependent scholarships
  3. Scholarships for children and dependents of deceased or disabled service members

Military Children and Grandchildren Scholarships

From kindergarten to high school graduation, an average military child has to change schools around nine times. To help these kids manage these frequent and tiring transitions, many organizations run scholarship programs that specifically cater to the needs of military children and grandchildren in middle school, high school, college, or graduate school.

Refer to this table for examples of such scholarships:

AMVETS Scholarship
  • This scholarship is open to children and grandchildren of:
    • Retired service members
    • Active-duty personnel
    • Guards and reserves
  • It carries a $1,000 annual prize for high school seniors who are accepted by an approved college
  • The award is renewable for four years
Chief Petty Officer Scholarship Fund
  • This scholarship is exclusively meant for children of all Chief Petty Officers (whether on-duty or retired)
  • The aspirants don’t have to be officers’ biological children—the scholarship selection council also considers adopted or stepchildren
Society of Daughters of United States Army Scholarship Program
  • This is a merit-based scholarship awarded to daughters and granddaughters of all service members, past or present
  • It is awarded after evaluating a candidate’s:
  • This scholarship has a tight application window—between March 15th and 30th every year
  • It’s a nationality-blind scholarship, so you can apply for it as an international student or a legal immigrant

Scholarship Options for Military Dependents

A military-dependent scholarship covers a wider base than the children's. As per current guidelines, individuals that can potentially qualify as military dependents include:

  1. Children (some scholarships may exclude adult or independent children)
  2. Foster children
  3. Siblings
  4. Cousins
  5. Spouse
  6. Parents
  7. Nieces and nephews

Here are a few scholarships open to military dependents:

The Military Family ScholarshipMilitary dependents pursuing an undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctoral degree can apply for this scholarship as long as they:

  • Have a GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Write an authentic essay about their experiences as a family member of someone in the military

This scholarship offers a monetary prize of $5,000

Hope For the WarriorsThese scholarships are awarded to military dependents pursuing a bachelors’ or masters’ degree in fields like:

Army Women’s Foundation Scholarship

Scholarships for Children and Dependents of Deceased or Disabled Service Members

Various military scholarships focus on helping the families of fallen service members or those retired for medical reasons. Check out some examples:

  • Military Order of the Purple Heart Scholarship is awarded to the immediate family member of a soldier who died in the line of duty
  • Delaware Educational Benefits for Children of Deceased Veterans scholarships are awarded to children of military service personnel who:
    • Are deceased
    • Have been declared missing during a military operation
    • Were held prisoners by a hostile force during a war
  • Illinois AMVETS Sad Sacks Nursing Scholarship is offered to nursing aspirants with a deceased or disabled parent who was a member of the military
  • Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund scholarship is offered to dependent children of the land, marine, or aviation corps officers who were killed or permanently disabled during service (disability status should be 100%)

Scholarships for Military Children—How To Find the Right Program

At present, there are over a million military children and dependent students in the country, most of them competing for various financial aid opportunities. Finding and applying for the right scholarships is no child’s play.

To keep track of all current military scholarships, you should check out the following sources:

  • State and federal aid websites
  • News bulletins and social media of organizations that offer support to military families (there are hundreds of them in the U.S.)
  • Schools and universities providing special military-centric scholarships
  • Community groups that offer minority scholarships to military kids based on their religious or ethnic background

If you’re searching the internet for these scholarships, it may not be a productive use of your time. You’ll be flooded with irrelevant results and may end up wasting hours sifting through varying eligibility criteria for each scholarship.

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