The Best Scholarships for Disabled Students

Discover and Apply for Scholarships The Best Scholarships for Disabled Students

The Best Scholarships for Disabled Students

You’re not sure how to score scholarships for disabled students? Don’t give up on your search! Numerous scholarships fit your needs—you only need to know where to find them.

Still, scholarship websites and directories are all over the place. You’ll likely waste time digging around the internet only to find some options you are eligible for.

DoNotPay has some advice on how to reduce the time you spend doing your research, and we cut down the application process as well.

Scholarships for the Disabled Students Explained

Scholarships for students with disabilities come from many different sources, so all students with disabilities should be able to find the financial aid suitable for their specific needs.

The best way to get info about federal and state general financial aid for disabled students is via the school’s financial aid office or school counselor.

Different types of financial aid you can find are:

  • Government-issued financial aid is more likely to cover associated costs of disabled students’ education. These scholarships are closely followed by those from the private sector
  • School-awarded scholarships probably won’t include certain medical expenses that a disabled student may acquire during their studies, so search carefully and don’t be afraid to ask for help
  • Scholarships that cover specific disabilities, such as:

Different Disability Scholarships Available

Check out a few scholarships with a specific focus:

  1. AAHD Scholarship Program
  2. ABC Law Centers Cerebral Palsy Scholarship
  3. Autism Delaware Scholarship

AAHD Scholarship Program

American Association on Health and Disability (AAHD) offers this general disability scholarship to anyone with a documented disability. To be eligible for this aid, you must be a full-time attendee of either one of the following education levels:

  • A sophomore or later year in a four-year college or university
  • A graduate school student who is studying for a degree related to a disability topic

ABC Law Centers Cerebral Palsy Scholarship

American Baby & Child (ABC) Law Centers have created this scholarship for students with cerebral palsy who are attending undergraduate or graduate studies in any state. The applicants need to have a minimum 3.0 GPA to be eligible. A complete application must also include an essay or a creative project describing the influence that cerebral palsy has had on their life.

Autism Delaware Scholarship

Autism Delaware offers several local scholarships for different people affected by autism, and these are:

  • Daniel and Lois Gray Memorial Scholarship—For students attending the University of Delaware and learning for a Delaware-based career related to autism
  • Adult with Autism Scholarship—A scholarship for adults with autism spectrum disorder who are Delaware state residents and who are college or post-secondary students
  • Autism Teacher Certification Scholarship—Created for Delaware teachers who are pursuing an autism certification

How To Find a Scholarship for People With Disabilities

When searching for a disabled student scholarship, it is important not to have a one-sided approach. Check websites and notice boards of more than one school or organization.

An even easier option would be to sign up for DoNotPay and let our Apply for Scholarships tool search all available scholarships that fit your background, education, and ambitions. In a few minutes and several clicks, you can have a full list of scholarships tailored for students like you and apply for any that you find interesting.

Here is a handy overview of all the paths you can take towards your future scholarship:

Search Different ScholarshipsDetails
Scholarships offered by federal, state, and local organizations that are disabled advocatesCheck the websites of organizations and centers, such as:

Other aids focused on minorities and underrepresented studentsRemember that you also have many other options. Check for scholarships that may support you, such as:

Scholarships for different education levelsYou should also search for active financial aid offers for students of your academic level:

Merit-based scholarships (as opposed to need-based ones)Don’t forget your many talents and apply for any merit-based scholarship that you feel you deserve, such as:

You may need a letter of recommendation from one of your teachers to apply for these scholarships, so start searching on time

Apply for Scholarships for People With Disabilities in Three Simple Steps

DoNotPay’s Apply for Scholarships tool conducts customized research based on your education details and plans. We use the info you give us about yourself to provide you with a complete and detailed list of all scholarships currently available for your student profile. If you like any of them, you can apply in a few steps via our app.

Take a look at the major upsides of our search tool:

  • DoNotPay speeds up and simplifies the process
  • Our app makes both the search and the applying process simple
  • You’ll keep up with all available graduate school and college scholarships

Here’s the whole search process after you subscribe to DoNotPay and go to Apply for Scholarships feature:

  1. State what is the level of placement that you are searching for
  2. Let us know the basics about your interests, plans, and previous education
  3. Type in the name of the school that you are currently attending

Once we have all your answers, our system will do a thorough search and list out all available scholarships that might interest you. You can choose to only view the list, or you can also apply automatically for the no-essay scholarships in one click.

Other types of financial aid that will be included in the results you get from DoNotPay will be:

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