Hard To Find Scholarships for College Sophomores? DoNotPay Gives You a Thorough List

Discover and Apply for Scholarships Hard To Find Scholarships for College Sophomores? DoNotPay Gives You a Thorough List

Scholarships for College Sophomores—Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Your college freshman year is a huge transition after your high school senior year, and that can leave you overwhelmed. If you missed out on financial aid opportunities last year, becoming a college sophomore is an ideal time for you to apply for all kinds of scholarships and grants.

Scholarships for college sophomores can not only boost your finances but also help you repay outstanding student loans before graduation. In fact, your future grad school applications will look way better with scholarships stacked under your belt—all you need to do is start searching and applying for the best options today!

Why Are College Sophomore Scholarships So Critical?

Students look for scholarships in their second year of college primarily for the following reasons:

  1. Selecting or changing major—Did you know that many colleges allow students to select a major only after the freshman year? Also, as many as 80% of students remain unsure about their chosen major subject and may decide to switch majors in their second year. As you’re more clear-headed about which major to choose in your sophomore year, it’s typically the perfect time to look for subject-specific scholarships in fields like:
  2. Facing financial setbacks—Many families have experienced a downturn in their financial situation during the pandemic, which has prompted the impacted college-goers to either drop out or look for scholarships
  3. Discovering minority-centric opportunities—After spending a year on campus, many sophomores want to explore scholarships based on their identity or community affiliation (like scholarships open to women, black women, international students, transfer students, transgender students, legal immigrants, or foster youth)
  4. Testing the waters with potential professions—It’s common for students to explore their creativity and potential job interests during their laid-back sophomore year. Some short-term, merit-based scholarships focusing on areas like music, art, creative writing, poetry, filmmaking, cooking, or professional grooming—are specifically available for sophomores who want to enhance their skill set
  5. Benefiting from college sports—Athletically gifted students use their sophomore year to get lucrative scholarships in fields like football, volleyball, cheerleading, track, or golf

How To Find Scholarships for College Juniors, Seniors, or Sophomores

The scatteredness of available options is a nagging issue with finding scholarships. Most students are only aware of the federal or state types of financial aid offered and never explore other scholarship sources, such as:

If you are worried about missing out on important scholarship announcements, trust DoNotPay’s reliable scholarship finder tool to back you up.

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Scholarship for Students Already in College—When To Apply

Many students never apply for scholarships after starting college because they feel that ship has sailed. In reality, you can apply for various merit- and non-merit-based scholarships or grants throughout college. You may not qualify for full-ride scholarships, but you can still win hefty sums to help you cover the remaining college expenses!

The timing to apply depends on whether you are applying for renewable or non-renewable scholarships. This table will help you understand the difference between the two:

IssueRenewable ScholarshipsNon-Renewable Scholarships
Payment typeAre issued as a recurring amount annually till the final year of collegeAre paid as a one-time fixed amount only
Application deadlineHave uniform application deadlines each yearHave changing deadlines
Recurring statusAre announced every yearMay or may not be issued every year
Performance requirementCan be canceled if you don’t meet the performance requirements in a particular yearHave no criteria for future academic performance

If you are aiming for substantial financial assistance, keep an eye out for open renewable scholarships throughout the year. As for non-renewable scholarships, apply for as many as you can to increase your chances of winning.

Scholarships for Current College Students—Handy Tips

Scoring small and huge scholarships throughout your college years can help you live a debt-free life after graduating. These tips will help you adopt an efficient application ritual:

Use DoNotPay To Get Your Hands on Scholarships While in College

Your busy college life may leave you with little time or energy to hunt down and apply for scholarships. Keeping your struggles in mind, DoNotPay’s scholarship finder works in two ways—we:

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