How to Find Scholarships In Illinois the Easy Way

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How to Find Scholarships In Illinois the Easy Way

Thousands of starry-eyed students enroll in IL schools for various degree programs, but the rising tuition costs and living expenses derail their dreams and leave them overburdened with student loans. Luckily, winning scholarships and grants is a great way to offset education expenses.

If you’ve been looking for a scholarship in Illinois, you may find it difficult to figure out which one to apply for. In this student-friendly guide, you’ll learn all about:

  • Accessing a list of attainable Illinois scholarships fitted to your student profile
  • Using a shortcut to applying for no-essay scholarships

A Bird’s-Eye View of the Available Scholarships in Illinois

Depending on which level of education you’re pursuing, you can find dedicated scholarships for Illinois students in:

  1. High school
  2. A regular four-year college or a two-year community college
  3. Graduate school
  4. Technical or vocational school

Scholarships for High School Seniors in Illinois—And Other High Schoolers

Seniors in high school can find more lucrative scholarship opportunities in Illinois as compared to freshmen, sophomores, and juniors.

As most high school seniors are prepping up for college admissions, they can find relevant academic scholarships for the major they want to study—for example:

  • The Friends of Volo Bog Environmental Studies scholarships offer $1,000 scholarships to seniors interested in a career that involves preserving the nature
  • The Peters Foundation Scholarship offers $10,000–$20,000 to seniors who plan to enroll in a Christan college for a degree in education, sustainable engineering, or forestry

Scholarships or grants for the rest of the high school students are usually issued to:

  1. Support financial need—High school students struggling with finances can turn to their immediate community for financial assistance scholarships. An example is the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless Scholarship for students rendered homeless anytime during high school
  2. Promote athletic ability—Many IL public and private schools award scholarships to high schoolers who excel in sports like baseball, football, volleyball, cheerleading, track, golf, etc. A good example is the Buster Lindsay Memorial Scholarship
  3. Encourage creative talents—Dozens of Illinois high schools offer a monetary prize to students for writing an essay or completing a competitive task that demonstrates their creative ability in art, music, writing, poetry, and videography

Scholarships for College Students in Illinois

Illinois is home to prominent educational institutions, like the University of Chicago, Illinois State University, and Northwestern University. Refer to this table to understand the type of college scholarships available in Illinois:

Scholarship TypeDetails
Scholarships for Illinois residentsThe majority of Illinois college scholarships are targeted to help local residents. Here are some examples:
Scholarships for out-of-state studentsOut-of-state students in IL face higher tuition fees and boarding expenses. Most universities in the state offer scholarships dedicated to:


Illinois minority scholarshipsIllinois has abundant scholarship options for minority groups in colleges. Examples:

Illinois Scholarships and Grants for Advanced Learners

If you’re pursuing a master’s or a doctoral degree, you should look for scholarships offered by:

  • The university you’re enrolled in or employed at
  • Organizations that promote research in your field of study
  • Any institution that supports professional studies

Here are a few examples:

Vocational or Technical School Scholarships in Illinois

While there aren’t many vocational school scholarships in Illinois, you can still find some that support your educational expenses—like the ones below:

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