Learn How To Find and Apply for a Scholarship for Creative Writing

Discover and Apply for Scholarships Learn How To Find and Apply for a Scholarship for Creative Writing

The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Scholarship for Creative Writing

Scholarships and grants can help you offset your schooling expenses while avoiding student loan debt, yet finding the right scholarship is challenging as they are scattered all over.

If you know where to look, you are a step closer to securing the right one. This guide will show you how to find a scholarship for creative writing in a few clicks.

The Best Scholarships for Creative Writing

Most scholarships for writers are awarded by writing departments of various institutions. You are guaranteed to find scholarships for creative writing for every academic level—high school, college, and graduate school. To help you with your search, we have compiled the lists of the best writing scholarships for:

  1. High school seniors
  2. College students
  3. Specific types of creative writing

Creative Writing Scholarships for High School Students

Here are some of the best scholarships for young writers:

  • Optimist International Essay Contest—A $2,500 college award for students who aren't enrolled at any post-secondary institution
  • Profile in Courage Essay Contests—The $10,000 contest is open to students in grades 9–12
  • Leyla Beban Young Authors Scholarship—The program caters to young writers who haven't graduated from 12th grade but want to be published
  • Bobette Bibo Gugliotta Scholarship—The program awards graduating high school seniors or those currently enrolled in a post-secondary institution in California’s San Mateo or Santa Clara counties a $1,000 scholarship
  • Herb Alpert Scholarship for Young Artists—The award is tailored to California graduating seniors with a financial need and artistic talent
  • Brady and Patrick Gallagher Memorial Scholarship—This is a need-based program that awards $3,000 to high school seniors in Kalamazoo public schools who are enrolled at a post-secondary institution with a great interest in arts

Creative Writing Scholarships for College Students

These are some of the best creative writing scholarships for college students:

  • Go on Girl! Aspiring Writer ScholarshipBlack women enrolling in historically black colleges or universities with a major in creative writing or a related field are eligible for this award
  • CW Scholarship—This award is offered by the University of Louisville to its undergraduate and graduate school students who have enrolled in a creative writing course
  • James R. Buescher Scholarship—This scholarship is awarded to Pennsylvania residents enrolled in creative writing or other literary majors
  • Dr. Julianne Malveaux Scholarship—A $1,000 award for African American women pursuing a creative writing or related major
  • Helen McCloy Mystery Writing Scholarships—Creative writing students in college who can demonstrate a financial need are eligible for this scholarship
  • Helen Steiner Rice Scholarship—This $1,000 award is meant for Ohio's residents who are pursuing a creative writing or any other related major
  • The Ursinus College Creative Writing Award—To be considered for the award, students should submit a creative writing portfolio with a maximum of 10 pages. The winner gets a $40,000 scholarship renewable every academic year at Ursinus College

Specific Types of Creative Writing

Although most scholarships are open to various forms of writing, some are tailored to specific categories, such as:

Writing CategoryScholarships
  • Amy Lowell Poetry Travelling Scholarship
  • William Morgan Poetry Award
  • Patricia Cornwell Creative Writing Scholarship
  • Jerome Foundation Many Voices Fellowships
  • John Lennon Scholarships

How To Find Scholarships for Creative Writing

There are various approaches you can take to find scholarships for writers. Here are our recommendations for a more effective search process:

  • Start your search process before the academic year the scholarship is for to ensure you don't miss application cycles
  • Check with your school's writing department or the university’s financial aid office
  • Contact your high school guidance counselor for high school seniors
  • Search the internet

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How To Apply for Scholarships for Creative Writing

Every scholarship program has its own application procedure. You should confirm the directions on the scholarship’s official web page and follow the instructions closely. Most scholarships for writers will require you to complete an online form and submit the following:

Make sure to prepare all the necessary paperwork early and apply for scholarships on time. For best results, tailor your application to align with the scholarship's mission or ideal candidate profile.

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